Marathon Recovery: Week 3 Day 4

Today was 5 Miles Recovery on the treadmill.

We got registered for the Go! St. Louis Half Marathon! This race was my first half marathon. I did it in 2008 and I remember thinking at the 10 mile mark when the full marathon people split off for their route how I could never imagine doing that. I never would have believed someone at the time if they had told me the following year I would do three more halfs and a full. 🙂 This will be Rob’s first experience of this race. I just hope we don’t get the downpour they had this year. It was a very nice race so I’m excited to do it again and this time with Rob out there too!

8 thoughts on “Marathon Recovery: Week 3 Day 4

  1. I did the marathon this year. Yeah, it was really, REALLY wet. Fun times (rolling eyes). Not sure how much you know about STL, or if you'd even be interested in this, but they have an awesome (and free) science museum there. Honestly, that museum was probably the highlight of my trip. Yeah for all your upcoming races!


  2. Two marathons registered for already….AWESOME. Winter training is going to be so great. Do you think you will repeat the same training plan or step it up a bit? Oh, and you will have to do a side-by-side frame after you do St. Louis showing you running in it the first time and then doing the marathon. Congrats to you both… exciting.


  3. Hey Rebecca! We would be interested in the science museum and will have to check that out. Last time we went to City Museum there and it was amazing! A fully interactive museum/gym type experience, it was like being a kid again!CJ


  4. Hey Stevi! Well officially registered for one marathon and two halfs. We plan to sign up for Chicago again and also one other full.No I'll be stepping up my plan. Each time I add a bit more.CJ


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