Marathon Recovery: Week 3 Day 6

Today was a cross training day so I did 30 minutes on the exercise bike and then did leg stengthening and push ups.

We got tickets at the last minute for the Illinis vs. Michigan game. We were hoping to fly over, but it was too windy so we drove instead. The weather was nice for football. With the game being out of town we only stayed until the half and headed back so we could hand out candy for Halloween. Apparently we left at the wrong time, the score was 13/7 Michigan when we left. And the final score was 38/13 Illini! Wow! Must have been quite a second half!

The game.


While we were there we ran into our friends Dan and Michelle! They were staying to tailgate some more, but I got a picture with Michelle before we took off.

Tomorrow we head out of town for a 10K race we have never done. The course runs from one town to another, should be an adventure!

3 thoughts on “Marathon Recovery: Week 3 Day 6

  1. Wow!!! you can definitely tell that I had been tailgating all day long 🙂 SO good to see you both though…. we'll def have to do it again!!!!


  2. Hey Nicole! Sorry not it's not Louie, it's one of my Coach purses. I wasn't sure I could keep Louie nice at the football game. :)Hey Michelle! You look cute as usual! Yeah I hope we can hang out with you guys next time!CJ


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