2009 Canal Connection – 10K – 48:15

This race was an hour drive away so we got up early to get on the road. The fall back an hour was a definitely nice. The race registration is in one town and then you take a bus to another town for the start line with the finish being at the registration location. We knew we would need to get there early so we wouldn’t feel rushed for the bus. Turns out they had to change the course due to the flooding and we ended up not going to the other town. Instead the course would be in same town as the registration. That left us with two hours to wait around so we just surfed the Internet from our phones until the race time got closer.

We did a .8 mile warm up so I could get my miles in for the week.

The route was a .5 mile through the town and then onto the trail of crushed limestone, called the tow path. Apparently back in the day they used to use the canal to tow bardges with mules on this path. the updated course was an out and back.

Rob passed me around mile 2.

Rob coming around to the finish.

He had a new PR and finished with 47:45!

Me coming around to the finish. My form got quite sloppy, hopefully some more strength training will help.

I also got a new PR with 48:15!

7:46 pace
F 30-34: 5/34
Overall: 147/568

17 thoughts on “2009 Canal Connection – 10K – 48:15

  1. Congrats on the PR! You look good in the finish photo! I am sure the weights will help, but you still look good for the finish! Usually I look crazy, and my arms are not even moving at the finish!


  2. How many times will I say "You effing ROCK!"? I can't say it enough. You totes inspire me – wish I were as fast as you!


  3. Thanks Michelle! Yeah Rob has a pair of Nikes, I think they are called Lunar Trainers, not the Lunar Glide that has been getting advertised.Thanks Angie!CJ


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