Marathon Recovery: Week 4 Complete

What a jam packed weekend! I’ll try to recap…

Friday we had lots of errands and we both had to work in the afternoon. Afterward we had dinner with our friends the Shippys, at Medici. After dinner we got a text from our friends Mike and Jamie that they were out at Entourage so we joined them for a drink.

Me and Jamie:

Rob and Mike:

Saturday we worked for 5 hours trying to complete the tile backsplash in our kitchen. We got it all done but some small finishing touches that we hope to get wrapped up next week. The whole thing will have taken about 25 hours over 5 days in total. Luckily we did it in chunks as we had time.

We are also getting a fence installed and it’s about done! It will be so nice to have a fenced in back yard.

So after our 5 hours of home improvements we had to bust out 8 miles before a concert. I got us tickets to Lynard Skynard as a part of Rob’s birthday. The 8 miles was supposed to include 8x100M strides, but I had IT band tightness after 4 miles and only made it through one stride and knew I was going to have to head back home to finish on the treadmill. Then we had a quick dinner and it was off to see Skynard! Freaking awesome show! We almost got kicked out too, they were ticked that I was taking video of the show and said they would need to take our camera, the video card, or leave so we said okay we will go and started to make our way to the exit. Then they came and said we just need to delete the video, I played dumb and fumbled with the camera and the guy was like good enough and left. Then on the way home we saw two tour busses getting on the highway and I was like “it’s them!”. The busses had no markings but they were very much very high end and then we saw the second license plate said “Ass Kicking Southern Rock”, oh yeah! We honked a ton at the busses. 🙂



Today we woke up to a beautiful day that was absolutely perfect for flying. So we headed over to Indiana for lunch at Rick’s Boatyard Cafe.

Louie ready to go for a flight.

Us ready to go. I’ve been having to wear my glasses due to a stupid scratch on my eye. It will be a very long week until I have my follow up doctor appointment to verify it’s all healed, blah.
The view from our table outside.
A Stearman flew over. 🙂
They have delicious seafood. Rob put up with me taking pictures of our food. It makes us look like ubertourists or aliens, but whatever, this food had to be captured. Behold the best bread I have ever had (and I actually hate bread). It has all kinds of seeds in it and the whipped butter is honey pecan, it is freaking amazing.
Rob’s dish. Bayou Fettuccine. Rob shared one of the shrimp with me it was so good!!
I was feeling pasta too. My dish. Maryland Blue Crab Ravioli. It had a lot of oil and white wine, but was very good. I was able to eat half of this beauty. Based on how good that shrimp was next time I’m going for grilled scallops or shrimp!
We took a short walk by the water to relax before hoping in the plane.
Heading out. All of the sailboats and Rick’s and the FBO right across the street.

We got back about 3pm and had to hurry home to change and get our 10 Mile run in before the sun was down. I wasn’t feeling great though. Apparently I wore my Nike shorts with built in lead cause I felt like dead legs tonight. I wore a knee brace and that seemed to keep my IT band happy enough to finish the run. I’ll be looking forward to next week and hope it brings better runs.

This week was so busy I didn’t get in any cross training. That is something I also hope to fix next week as it is officially our last week of marathon recovery!

Here is what I did get done:
M: Rest
T: 7 Miles General Aerobic (Treadmill, 1-1.5% incline, 59:15, 8:28 pace)
W: Rest
R: 5 Miles Recovery (Treadmill, 1% incline, 42:47, 8:34 pace)
F: Rest
Sa: 5.49 Miles GA + Speed (only one stride) (‘Hood, 46:09, 8:25 pace), 2.51 Miles GA (Treadmill, 1% incline, 20:37, 8:13 pace)
Su: 10 Miles GA (‘Hood, 1:26:02, 8:37 pace)

Total: 30 Miles

11 thoughts on “Marathon Recovery: Week 4 Complete

  1. Yep, you win the award- Funnest and Cutest Couple Ever. That's all for now- take care of the ITB! Are you foam rolling? That's the ticket to curing that sucker.


  2. Haha I knew we saw you guys leave and then come back!!! I told Dan "look I bet they were taking video!!" You troublemakers, you! 🙂 And Louie looks like an awesome flight companion!


  3. Jeez thanks for making me so hungry. What a crazy weekend for you two. I get up early both Sat. & Sun and that's it my weekend is shot. Take care of that IT band, and ya for recovery almost being over.


  4. 1. you and rob are so flipping cute2. where did you get that purple top/dress/whatever it is? i want it! SO DANG CUTE!3. you look super super tan4. great job with all the running5. sounds like you guys had an amazing weekend!6. i love flight pictures!!!!7. was louie buckled in safe??? :)xoxoxoxox


  5. Hey Michelle! Hehehehe. Like I would give them my camera, it was hilarious he thought I would just hand it over. :)Hey Nicole! Luv the list post, I'll try to answer everything:1. Thanks!! :D2. It's from Express, just a top and actually I had been eyeing it for awhile and it went on sale, half off!3. Wow thanks! It must be runner's tan cause I haven't been anywhere else.4. Thank you!!5. It was pretty awesome! Let us know when we can come up to see you guys for lunch!6. I'll keep taking them!7. LOL 🙂 No but I had Louie in my kung fu grip. ;)CJ


  6. Lynard Skynard played City Stages here last summer…. they were great! Hey, I like the new look! I love to change my blogs around all the time! Also, I took a look at your race plans below and your Mercedes is wrong…. change the year, it says since! I'm running the Mercedes half this year!


  7. Concerts, planes, amazing seafood, incredible-looking bread, drinks, running, Louis Vuitton…'s like we could be best friends! hee hee!Great blog! I've added you to my google reader and thank you for your comment on my recent post.


  8. SueMac – Thanks for catching that, I got it updated! That's awesome that you and your daughter are doing the half! Should be a good time! Maritza – Hehehehe 🙂 Thanks! I'm enjoying reading yours too!CJ


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