2009 Turkey Trot – 4 Mile – 29:54

Today’s race was a Turkey Trot 4 Mile race that is very hilly and finishes up with .75 on the grass. We had perfect race weather, 58 degrees, sunny and no wind.

The elevation chart from my Garmin.


Got a picture of the part of the course after the race. It is a beautiful park with a lot of off road trails too.

Rob and I both PRed! He came in 29:43 and I was 29:54. We both improved this distance by two minutes which we were both happy with since this course was not flat at all.

I also got 1st in my age group! The awards are turkey trophys and 1st and 2nd got a voucher from Kroger grocrey store for a free Jenny-O turkey.

Me with my sweet trophy and winnings.

Close up of the trophy.

7:29 pace
F 30-34: 1/9
F: 8/53
Overall: 44/135

14 thoughts on “2009 Turkey Trot – 4 Mile – 29:54

  1. Holy cow, and I mean that in more ways than one. Elevation, sweet times, AG awards, and a turkey trophy CONGRATS!!!!!


  2. Is that a stump behind you in the picture?? Great job on the 4 mile turkey trot! And first place in your age group! That is great! Such a speedy time!


  3. I've come across your blog a few times from the nest's health and fitness boards. I've been running for a little less than a year and was wondering if there were any plans you used when you were starting out. If it's easier you can email me at kathysept19@yahoo.com. I would really appreciate your input..I'm so impressed by your times and I would really love to improve mine. Thanks


  4. NICE JOB CJ!! I'm so proud of you! you ROCKED IT!!!!! way to go! i want to run a turkey trot!! great great great job to rob too!!!


  5. Thanks Stevi!!Thanks J, and why yes that is a stump. 🙂 It's a large section of tree that is placed up at the entrance of the park. Kathy, thanks for checking out my blog. I've used Runner's World smart coach online training plan builder. You may want to check it out on their site if haven't yet.Thanks Nic!! CJ


  6. Wow- a PR on that course is amazing! Congrats! Oh yeah, I really miss Kroger, too. So that prize is awesome! WTG!!! You just keep getting better and better!


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