Mercedes Marathon Training: Week 1.2 Day 5.2

What a week it has been! Such a whirwind of fun! Yesterday was a very early morning full of cooking and cleaning before everyone arrived for dinner. We had a bunch of my side of the family over and had a great time. The food turned out amazing and afterward we all played Wii Resort and Rockband. Grandma kicked serious butt in bowling. And I got some Wii elbow from the fencing game. It was such a good time!

A few pics of us from the day. Rob and I after everything is prepared. I love my new apron, I got it from Pier 1.

And some pics in front of the Christmas tree.
I was so wiped after everyone left that I decided to move my rest day and relax. It has been non-stop for us all week and it felt good to kick back.
This morning we woke up to gorgeous weather and decided to take a flight somewhere new. Us getting ready to go.
We flew up the Schaumburg, IL to an airport restaurant called Pilot Pete’s. The food was very good and there was so many things on the menu I want to come back and try. The restaurant is decorated in everything aviation. An ultralight was hanging from the ceiling.
After lunch before we headed back home Rob wanted to fly us over Lake Michigan so we could get an up close view of the Chicago skyline. It was the best flight that I’ve had so far! I love Chicago and seeing it from this vantage point was breath taking. Being out over the lake and so up close to the buildings was utterly amazing. I shed a few tears as we came up on the skyline because I was overwhelmed by the beauty and the thought that we were actually flying next to Chicago in an airplane that we built! I was just so proud, awestruck, and excited that this was really something we made happen. It was a lot of hard work to build this plane and it’s so great to finally be able to enjoy what we did. This was something I just had never dreamt about doing. The pictures cannot do it justice. There was a bit of haze out and the sun brought out a glare/reflection in some of the pictures, but here are some of the shots I got.
Bye Chicago, we will be back!!
When we got back into town it was time to hit the local running store for some day after Thanksgiving sales. Rob got a new pair of Nike Lunar Trainers and I got Nike Lunarglide+ to try in Metalic Summit White/Orange. I ran in them on the treadmill for my 9 Miles GA and they felt good! So I’ll be test driving them out for awhile. Our store has a nice two week exchange policy so if they don’t work out I can always go back to my past shoe models.

5 thoughts on “Mercedes Marathon Training: Week 1.2 Day 5.2

  1. Wow! Thats amazing! You built that plane? I am totally impressed. I love flying over Chicago. The skyline is amazing.Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!


  2. wow your kitchen is sweet! if you dont mind me asking, where did you guys get your stove? my mom wants one just like it. we cant find a stove that has the knobs on the front.your pictures are beautiful and i just love your family christmas picture! so cute!!!!


  3. Hey Laurel! Yep we built it ourselves and it took just under four years of constant work to get it to this point. So it's still amazing me everytime we go flying. :)Hey Nic! Thanks!! The stove is a GE Profile Dual fuel (gas top and electric convection oven). We picked it because it was flush to the granite and had the display in the front. We have really liked it and would recommend it.CJ


  4. Wonders never cease – that's incredible! And I love the photos, the family photo with the puggybaby is my favorite. What a beautiful group!


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