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8 thoughts on “Mercedes Marathon Training: Week 2 Day 3

  1. Can I say, I am jealous? I'd love to have a top of the line treadmill and a TV for it! one day….


  2. Oh dear I'm with the PP, I would love a treadmill I could manage a 11 mile run on (now I can only muster 5 miles, the speed is not right). As for the TV, I take me laptop down to our basement (we have a Slingbox). I can watch my own tv on my laptop, but right now I am rewatching all of the 24 tv seasons. Anyway, 11 mile mid-week run, Way to Go!!!


  3. when i have my own house someday, i will have a workout room with a tv too!!!! 🙂


  4. 11 miles on a treadmill… that is amazing. I once did 5 miles and was proud of that. Next Christmas we are saving for and buying a treadmill and I'm sure a small tv will be adding shortly there after.


  5. I'm so impressed you did ELEVEN miles on the treadmill! I can never make myself be on there for more than an hour.


  6. Our treadmill is pretty decent, it's a Vision Fitness. It' been going strong for 4 years now and has held up great! I've done up to 16 miles on it and with no tv at the time it was a long 16 miles. Can't wait to get it installed!CJ


  7. I just found your blog! Good luck with your marathon training. I'll be ramping up here in a couple of weeks.


  8. Thanks Teamarcia! What are you about to start training for?CJ


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