2009 Jingle Bell – 5K – 21:25

Today was a Jingle Bell 5K race out of town. We had other friends running too, which makes it fun. It was about 25 degrees out and felt brisk. Luckily the roads were clear this year and there was no rain, snow or wind, plus the sun was out.

The start of this race is very congested, but after the first .5 mile it thinned out. Overall the race went well!

Rob and I both PRed!! Rob came in at 20:21!! And I came in 21:25!!

I also got 3rd in my Age Group!


Me with my award. Notice the shoes in the tree…who knew shoes could be ornaments?

Rob, me, Chad, Donnie (Danny Donnie), Drew, and Carrie.

Me with Santa.

Rob and Me.

Afterward we all hit up Qdoba for lunch. Then Rob and I went to the local running store to take advantage of the coupons in our goodie bags, plus we had Rob’s $20 winnings from the last race to still use. I got wool running socks, Rob got a running ninja mask, and we also got this set of lovely toys…..

This is the complete trigger point system. Like a sports massage in a bag! Can’t wait to watch the DVDs and learn all about it. We have seen it at expos before, but since we had a coupon we splurged.

6:54 pace
F 30-34: 3/44
F: 8/?
Overall: 80/802

8 thoughts on “2009 Jingle Bell – 5K – 21:25

  1. Dang it you two! Am I wrong or did you not just break into 21 minutes? I thought your last one was 22. Oh and Rob….WAY TO GO! 20 minutes is freaking awesome……next up sub 20!The trigger point therapy will be heaven. I have had ART (I'll tell you about in a few weeks), but this is like a self ART treatments, love it.Congrats to you both!


  2. your awesome!!! way to kick ass AGAIN!!! you keep getting faster and faster! i love it!!! i miss you & need some CJ in my life! 🙂 we really should meet up sometime!!! thanks for all your support for marathon #2!!! oxoxoxoxox


  3. Hey Nicole!! Thanks! 😀 Yeah we definitely will need to meet up soon. I hope the weather cooperates so we can fly up to see you for lunch. I'll bug ya about it as soon as it gets nice again. :)CJ


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