Enjoying every second of life and running.

4 thoughts on “Mercedes Marathon Training: Week 3 Day 2

  1. way to go! your a machine! i love your and robs ninja masks! where did you get them? im gonna need one in this winter crap too!!!xoxoxoxoxo


  2. Hey Nicole! Mine is Under Amour and I got it last year at Dick's Sporting Goods. Rob's is Nike and we picked it up at a local running store. They are great cause you can pull the face covering down during the run if needed.CJ


  3. 100s on the TM? Wow! What speed did you have that thing on? I'd be too afraid of flying off!


  4. Hey Rebecca, right now I have it at 9 mph because I have a quick key for it, but it doesn't feel fast enough. I have to figure out how fast my treadmill can go, but I hate punching a bunch of buttons for such a short sprint. Ideally I would have rather been outdoors, but the weather has been nuts here. Right now we are under a wind advisory with 50 mph gusts. I hope it gets nice again soon!CJ


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