Mercedes Marathon: Week 3 Day 3

Today I did 15 minutes on the exercise bike to warm up and 4 Miles Recovery on the treadmill. I had some extra time so I tried out the DVD class from our TriggerPoint system. I did the 32 minute Regen – Hip and Lower Back session, and yowzah! I found out how tight my quads and IT bands really are. It definitely felt good to work them, but I had to go very slow and will have to work my way into the movements. I’m already happy we got this. I thought that our foam roller was enough, but this is more deep tissue pressure with slow movements that really get into the muscle more deeply. I think the sloping curvature of the rollers really helps with that. It takes time to go through the movements so I’ll have to make the time to use it during the week.

2 thoughts on “Mercedes Marathon: Week 3 Day 3

  1. Im glad you like your new Trigger Point System! It sounds interesting! I bet your loving your lil workout room! Where did you guys get your TV? Brian is looking to buy yet another tv since they are so cheap! 🙂


  2. I am loving how the workout room is coming along. I need to repaint and get new window treatments, but I'm not in a rush. The TV is a 32" Panasonic LCD that we snagged from Best Buy. It came with an iPod docking station, which I think we will use in the workout room.CJ


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