Mercedes Marathon Training: Week 3 Day 6

Today started out as a good day for a flight so we set out to see my family. As we were almost there we ran into rain. Rain in cold weather can lead to icing, which can become dangerous for aircraft without de-icing (like a commercial plane) so we turned around and went back home. Better to be safe than sorry.

Us during the flight.


I did 30 minutes warm up on the exercise bike and then ran 4 Miles Recovery on the treadmill with 2% incline (my default is 1% so I wanted to put a little bit more on this time).

One thought on “Mercedes Marathon Training: Week 3 Day 6

  1. what a bummer about your flight! booo! i'm glad you guys were safe though– better safe than sorry is right! great job on the mary training! so proud of you!


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