Mercedes Marathon Training: Week 3 Complete

What a week. Rob and I both had a to work overtime this week and we tried to use the weekend to catch up on rest.

Today was 16 Miles Long W/ 10 Miles @ MGP. All was well for the warm up. The first couple miles at MGP were going really well. Rob was a bit ahead of me doing his pace, when at Mile 9 a shady man ruined my good run. Nothing happened thanks to being alert and having Rob close by enough to hear me call for him. I didn’t have to use it, but I do run with pepper spray (and I replace it so often so it’s fresh) just in case. We will be changing our running routine. We went home and I ran the last 7 on the treadmill. I ran in silence because I was so angry. Angry that anyone would think that some woman running should be approached in any sort of way. Obviously someone up to no good.

On a positive note this was my longest week of mileage yet. Between being tired and this messed up run, I’m hoping next week is more pleasant.

Here is how the week ended up:
M: Rest
T: 8 Miles GA + Speed W/ 10 X 100M Strides (Treadmill, 1% Incline, 1:03:49, 7:59 pace)
W: Bike 4 Miles Warm Up (P1, L6, 15:00, 16mph), 4 Miles Recovery (Treadmill, 1% Incline, 32:27, 8:07 pace), 32 mins TriggerPoint
R: Rest
F: 11 Miles Med-Long Run (Treadmill, 1% Incline, 1:28:05, 8:01 pace)
Sa: Bike 7.8 Miles Interval (P2, L5, 30:00, 15.6 mph), 4 Miles Recovery (Treadmill, 2% Incline, 31:35, 7:54 pace)
Su: 16 Miles Long W/ 10 Miles @ MGP (‘Hood, 9 Miles, 1:13:08, 8:08 pace), (Treadmill, 1% Incline, 7 Miles 54:35, 7:48 pace), 32 mins TriggerPoint

Total: 43 Miles

7 thoughts on “Mercedes Marathon Training: Week 3 Complete

  1. I'm SO angry for you! Do you remember when that happened to me this summer? If not it did- and pissed me off. I dont wanna have to run with my phone + pepper spray + fuel stuff but people out there have to ruin it for everyone and that makes me SO angry! grr! i'm glad rob was close & i'm glad you were prepared. u need to BBM me the deets so i can be angry with you! I'm sorry you had to go through that- gosh i feel like im dealing with it too! ugh!!great job on all the mileage- your doing amazing and i'm so proud of you! keep up the great work! xxoxoxoxoxxop.s. i'm glad your okay! 🙂


  2. Been following your blog for a few weeks now. I can understand how it must have been. Not very long ago, I has my ass slapped by some creeps on a motorbike. Yuck! I was furious but since I was just starting my run, had to suck it in and just finish the run. Nice work on the mileage tho 🙂


  3. Oh my! I'm so sorry someone tried something bad! You are very smart to have had your pepper spray. I do have a question- do they expire? I've never replaced mine, but maybe need to?Don't let this bad experience get you down. Continue to be strong!


  4. Hey Nicole! Sorry I didn't BBM you, I was pretty angry and couldn't really think of anything else. Priyanka, I'm sorry that happened to you. I wish we could have stayed out and finished our run, but it didn't feel safe based on this guys behavior so we decided we better go inside to finish this run.


  5. Like everyone else hearing, let alone experiencing this is truly scary stuff.You are a smart women to carry the pepper spray with you, heck even if it was a big old dog. Another reminder to ladies to be smart. On the running note YA for a new mileage high (for this training). It has to feel so good when you start hitting these peaks. P.S. Looks like those last 7 miles on the treadmill had you OP'ed. Your speed was awesome!


  6. Hey Rebecca! Pepper spray does expire, please replace yours. I do keep my expired ones cause they may have something left in them so I keep them in the house so I could use them in an emergency, but I make sure the one I take running is good and fresh.CJ


  7. Ick. Sorry about all that…rightfully so to be angry. There's just a lot of weird people out there! Be careful! Nice job on the mileage :).


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