Mercedes Marathon Training: Week 5 Day 3

Tonight we watched a running movie that I got Rob, “Run For Your Life“. It’s about Fred Lebow and the birth of the NYC Marathon. It’s so interesting to see the creation of a major city marathon come from concept into the largest marathon in the world. It also shows how creating something unusual for the media generates the attention, thus the money to fund such an event. Quite an undertaking and all during a time when running was still foriegn to most and NYC was going through financial and crime struggles during it’s inception. Definitely something to watch if you ever plan to run the NYC Marathon.

Then it was time for my run, 12 Miles on the treadmill. Put me in the mood to buy and listen to Jay-Z “Empire State of Mind”.

2 thoughts on “Mercedes Marathon Training: Week 5 Day 3

  1. I need your BBM! I'm so lost with our our daily girlfriend/efriend chats! LOL Great job on the running- i need to see that movie! I also want to know about the triggerpoint you have been mentioning. Advanced body sliming dvd? 🙂 mama like! Merry christmas eve! xoxoxo


  2. Hi Nicole! I've been trying to reach you! Do I need to remove and readd you to BBM? Are you able to readd me and BBM me?Yeah I want to tell you more about triggerpoint. That pilates DVD is pretty old, Winsor Pilates, but it's challenging. Merry Christmas!CJ


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