2009 Stats

This year has been an exciting one! I ran 29 races and I placed in 20 of them. I PRed in all distances and took my 5K PR time of 25:52 to 21:25. I completed three half marathons and took my half marathon time from 2:13 in 2008 to 1:51. I also ran my first full marathon in 4:08.

Monthly Mileage Breakdown:
Jan: 67.1
Feb: 75
March: 104.5
April: 96.3
May: 116.8
June: 105.6
July: 115.4
Aug: 145
Sept: 110.5
Oct: 109.2
Nov: 126
Dec: 193

2009 Total: 1364.4

As I go into my fourth year of running, I hope for continued PRs in all of the distances that I run. I have three half marathons and three full marathons that I’m planning to run in 2010. I’m so excited for more adventures in running with some new races and also a chance to run some of my favorites again! I’m also looking forward to all of our flying trips in 2010!

Happy New Year!!

7 thoughts on “2009 Stats

  1. CJ- It has been pure please and inspiration following you on your blog. Your numbers for 2009 are just amazing. You made me believe that someone that comes from no running experience, could still do great things. That message meant so much to me. Thank you for sharing, and congrats on one freaking amazing years of running.Happy New Year, and may 2010 bring you lots of love, happiness, safe travels, and many more PR's!


  2. Stevi – Thank you so much for your post! 🙂 I'm so glad we met! I enjoy seeing all of your running progress too! I hope we get to meet up in person soon!Meredith – Thanks! I hope you do too!CJ


  3. Oops that was pleasure, eekk! That's what I get for typing at 6:30 am. Thank you and we will try take 2 on that met up soon (maybe even a race or two in 2010).


  4. AWESOME, rocking year! +1 to say that all of your improvements are inspirational. Keep up the good work! The sky's the limit for 2010!


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