Mercedes Marathon Training: Week 7 Day 2

Tonight was 6 Miles Recovery W/ 6 X 100M Strides on the treadmill. Then I did random strengthening exercises of Abs, Upper Body, and Squats.

4 thoughts on “Mercedes Marathon Training: Week 7 Day 2

  1. I know in your profile you started running with a 5K with no training. How did your husband start running? Did he encourage you or did you encourage him? I'd love to read a "CJ Running History" post. You're so inspiring!


  2. Hey Mere! Rob has gone to almost all of my runs and was my support crew. I started in 2007 and from 2007 – 2008 he would mostly watch and then do about two or three small races a year, but he wouldn't train or anything. He was doing the majority of the plane building so he didn't have the time for training. Once the plane was complete (August 2008) he decided that the would train and do every race event I signed up for in 2009. So he went from 4 Mile race being his furthest to full marathon in one year and also completed two half marathons. Yeah I think a post of the evolution of our running would be a good one. I'll have to think about that….hmm. :)CJ


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