Mercedes Marathon Training: Week 7 Day 4

We are buried in snow! Back in November I mentioned that I was going to model in a fashion show for a charity to raise money for a women in technology scholorship. Well that fashion show was supposed to be tonight, but due to the terrible weather it was cancelled. It is still up in the air if they are going to reschedule the event.

Tonight I did 12 Miles Med-Long Run on the treadmill and it wasn’t too pleasant because I had a pounding headache the whole time. I suspect it may be a bit of dehydration. Since it’s been colder I feel that I have to remind myself to drink water, where in the summer it’s no issue. Yesterday I did some quick pushups and tonight I did some leg strengthening.

4 thoughts on “Mercedes Marathon Training: Week 7 Day 4

  1. Sorry to hear the fashion show was cancelled – that sounds like a lot of fun!! I'm cold here in DC – I can only imagine what its like Chicago. Stay warm!


  2. i'm so bummed i dont have you to bbm chat with anymore.. its almost pointless to have a blackberry now that we cant talk! ba-humbug! lol miss you!


  3. I know exactly what you mean about dehydration! I am so cold right now that the last thing I want to do is sip some cool water! Drink up, though, girl. WTG on a MLR on the TM. (How's that for the acronyms? I bet you got it, though.)


  4. IRLAG – Yeah it's bone chilling here!Nicole – I miss you too!! We can't let this phone compatibility junk get in the way of our chats. Hopefully I'll get iPhone savy enough to figure out how to keep in touch more easily than texting, chat programs are so much nicer.Rebecca – Yeah I'm trying to chug the water now that headache was brutal and I don't want any more of that. LOL, totally got your acronyms. ;)CJ


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