Mercedes Marathon Training: Week 7 Day 6

Today I did 15 minutes on the exercise bike as a warm up and then did 5 Miles Recovery on the treadmill. To mix it up I updated the incline up and down every 5 minutes. Nothing too crazy, between 1-3 % incline, because it’s a recovery run. Then I did some lunges and squats on the BOSU.

3 thoughts on “Mercedes Marathon Training: Week 7 Day 6

  1. Hey, I just found your blog. I have been wanting to train for a marathon lately, but not too sure if I can handle it… any suggestions?


  2. Hey Ruth! Without any information of your running background (are you just starting out or have you run distances like a half marathon, etc). Also I'm not sure of your goals so I'll keep the suggestions general. Do your homework when it comes to training plans, there are so many to choose from (Hal Higdon, Runner's World Smart Coach, etc.). Make your training incremental. You will notice running plans will increase 10-15% in mileage each week and should step back about every 4 weeks. Tapering also varies by plan. Give yourself as much time as possible to train (18 weeks is good for the first time). When you pick a marathon, look at the terrain and consider the type of season you will be training in to prepare. Also note the time limit of the marathon. If your goal is to complete and not neccessarily time based, many marathons have a time limit that will allow for walking if needed. While training do research and experiement with different fuel and what tme is best for you to take in fuel. And don't forget about stretching and strengthening to improve your running. At the end of the day each of us are an experiement of one and you will have to find the pacing, fuel, etc that works best for you. It's a very rewarding discovery so try to document your experience so you can learn as you go. Hope this helps!CJ


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