Mercedes Marathon Training: Week 8 Day 3

It’s already day 3 of week 8, time is flying by! Today we had a surprise on our doorstep, our Mercedes Marathon merchandise had arrived!

Rob and I both got the track sweatshirt, here is mine:

And this is my running shirt. This shirt has sleeves are long with the thumbholes for extra hand coverage and it has a small zipper pocket on the back.

We are disappointed that the gear has no Mercedes logo on it, but otherwise the quality of the merchandise is decent.

Tonight I did 8 Miles VO2 Max W/ 5 X 600M Strides @ 5K Pace and then some Abs.

15 thoughts on “Mercedes Marathon Training: Week 8 Day 3

  1. oooh I LOVE that sweatshirt. I definitely have to do that race! Between the gear and the medal it's pretty cool…


  2. Oh, sweetie, don't worry….. you'll have a nice Mercedes logo to hang around your neck soon!!! I thought about mounting mine to my Honda last year!


  3. Love the apparel! Green is my favorite color, so maybe I should just run the Mercedes Marathon for that reason. 😉 And the cool medal.Finger holes are the best!


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