Mercedes Marathon Training: Week 8 Day 5

What a fun day! I started off the day by putting some time in on some work assignments. Then late afternoon I finally got to run outside!! I had 4 Miles Recovery W/ 6 X 100M Strides and it felt amazing to be outdoors again. There were still patches of ice in our neighborhood so I just made sure to be careful and keep a good eye out. Afterward I did some quick upper body weights and push ups.

Then it was time to get ready and head out to our running club’s annual banquet. This year it was at the restaurant inside our local coliseum. This was their first year having the event there and it turned out so nice.

Rob and I were nominated for awards for 2009 running season. Rob for “Best New Runner Male” and I was up for “Most Improved Runner Female”. As we walked into the arena the large light up banners around the arena were flashing the names of all of the nominees in each category.

Upon arriving Rob and I got our volunteer awards, $5 gift cards to Panera and Noodles and Company. We had such a good time chatting up with the fellow runners. Our table was full of fast runners. It was nice to hear about their training and experiences. The dinner was delicious. We had salad, pasta, grilled chicken and cake.


Then it was on to awards, Rob and I both won in our cateogories! Rob and his award.

Rob and his 2009 LRC Award.
Me with my award.
 CJ with her 2009 LRC Award.
In fact our whole table was all winners, so the joke of the evening was how our table was the place to sit. All of us and our awards.
Then another picture with the other award winners.

Then we won door prizes and left with a Papa Murphy’s Take and Bake voucher (delight vegetarian rocks!) and $25 to Medici (a wonderful local restaurant). We also got the High Five award (running 5 particular races in the circuit), but the awards were not available at the banquet so I’ll have to see about getting it later.

When they did each award they announced some stats on each person. So after dinner we met so many people who wanted to hear more about our running stats and what we have been up to in our training. Everyone was so nice and excited for us. It was such a fun night!

On our way out I tried to get a picture of one of the neon banners that displayed our names, but the camera wouldn’t take it because it was so bright.

Up close shot of the awards.

2009 LRC Awards

20 thoughts on “Mercedes Marathon Training: Week 8 Day 5

  1. Wow, congratulations! I've been considering joining a running club when I get back to London (I'm currently visiting family back in the US on holiday), but am nervous, because I've never ran with anyone. Also, I love your top! 🙂


  2. Awwww! I am SOOOO proud of you!!! You're improvements and accomplishments are so inspiring! Let that award keep you going when you are feeling tired or drained. You're doing great things out there, not just with the running, but with the inspiring! CANT WAIT FOR MERCEDES FOR YOU! Ps. My word was "route bra" haha.


  3. Congrats! How fun that you both won awards, looks like a great night! Glad you got outside again- it feels SO good after being trapped on the treadmill.


  4. oooh that's SO cool that your club has an awards banquet. That's a great idea. Congrats on your award. Hey, I saw your title box with the picture of the medals… is that yours? How did you get them displayed? I'm trying to figure out what to do with mine.


  5. WOW — that's awesome!! Congrats to you guys. You look FANTASTIC! Love those jeans and that cute top. Where did you get those? I dream to look as fantastic as you someday!! 🙂


  6. OMG that is just an awesome!!!!!! Not only is it wonderful what the club does an annual awards like that, but both you and Rob where recognized for your amazing achievements.So proud for you way to go!!!!!!


  7. Stephanie Nicole – The banner is my 2009 medals. I took that picture by arranging them on the floor just for the purpose of making a new banner picture for the end of the year. I just have my medals all hanging off of key ring type hooks we put in our workout room. I need a better way to display them.CJ


  8. Hey Running Diva Mom – Thanks!! The top is from The Limited and the jeans are Big Star. I'm not sure which style they are, but I got them at The Buckle.CJ


  9. Thanks Stevi! Do you guys not belong to a running club? Ours has a lot of opportunity to run with others, but we haven't really utilized that part of it. Instead we just collect the points they have for certain races and get little goodies at the end of the year.CJ


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