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Mercedes Marathon Training: Week 8 Day 6


Today we had some coupons to use up at Dick’s Sporting Goods and they had clearance items marked an additional 1/2 off. Neither of us have shorts that fit so Rob got two pairs and I got these lovely items.

The blue shirt with all of the sales was only $10.

This one was just $12.

Then I got a couple pairs of shorts that were regular priced, but I still had my coupons.

I ran 15KGP on the treamill. Then we headed out to dinner and a movie. Rob had his run left to do so we came home and he ran and I did a chest workout on the Bowflex and then did our TriggerPoint system.

12 thoughts on “Mercedes Marathon Training: Week 8 Day 6

  1. I love the Nike shorts with the pink in them! Uber cute.


  2. Score on the clothing. Love the blue shirt.


  3. Just $10 dollars!! Great finds! Its hard to even find running socks here for $10 lol 🙂 My husband always shops at Dicks sporting goods for me when he's working in the states…Some girls ask for diamonds and I ask for running gear…lolcheers


  4. I really need some new tops… maybe I'll hit Dick's today since you scored some cute things!


  5. A girls gotta love some awesome running clothes!!!!


  6. Mrs.BB – LOL, that's awesome! :)SueMac – Yeah doesn't hurt to have a look. CJ


  7. Ooooh how I love coupons at Dicks!! Of course I love the pink jacket and shorts with pick trim…awesome scores there!!!!


  8. Love the deals! you'll be looking fly this summer!!! 🙂 oxoxoxgreat job on the run!


  9. Don't feel too bad about the Chicago Marathon shirt- I also was THAT GUY and wore a Chicago hat! My friends made fun of me but I didn't care:)


  10. Cute!


  11. Can't beat the Dick's clearance deals! I was able to score 2 pairs of shorts and 2 tops!


  12. I love the Nike running t-shirt. I have one just like it and 2 of their tanks. I like that they are simple and do wick the sweat away. I can also wear them with a cardigan to work.


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