Mercedes Marathon Training: Week 9 Day 5

Today was crazy busy. We both ended up having to work half of the day followed by lots of errands. Then we had dinner with our friends Mary and Steve. As usual we had a great time and let the night get away from us. I had 11 Miles planned, but switched it with my 4 Mile Recovery and did that when we got home instead. I also did some squats and lunges.

4 thoughts on “Mercedes Marathon Training: Week 9 Day 5

  1. Good idea switching. I'm sure 11 miles after dinner with friends could of resulted in someone getting hurt :-).When does official taper start (1 or 2 more weeks)? Oh and your outfit is so supper cute!


  2. The taper will begin after this week! The mileage will come down some, which will be weird to have some time back. Maybe I can use some of it to cross train.CJ


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