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Mercedes Marathon Training: Week 9 Day 6


This morning was 11 Miles so we headed outside. It was 37 degrees, foggy and windy. The wind chill made it about 28 degrees. I went with capris, my regular running socks, long sleeved zip shirt, Chicago Marathon jacket, headband, and my light Under Armour gloves. I felt warm the whole run until I had to pull my gloves off to fix my shoe at about 7 miles. It was a quick fix, but my hands were frozen blocks for the rest of the time after I put my gloves back on. Once we got back I did some push ups.

4 thoughts on “Mercedes Marathon Training: Week 9 Day 6

  1. Looking good, girl! You're getting so close! Great training all the way. WAY TO GO!


  2. Way to get out there in the cold and get that run in. You're doing great!


  3. Awesome job once again! Are you noticing any transition issues from the treadmill to the road? I've been running on my treadmill more then I normally do, and funny thing is I actually feel faster when I have hit the pavement (had to slow myself down on one run). Great Job!


  4. way to go on the run lady!! 🙂


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