Mercedes Marathon Training: Week 9 Day 6

This morning was 11 Miles so we headed outside. It was 37 degrees, foggy and windy. The wind chill made it about 28 degrees. I went with capris, my regular running socks, long sleeved zip shirt, Chicago Marathon jacket, headband, and my light Under Armour gloves. I felt warm the whole run until I had to pull my gloves off to fix my shoe at about 7 miles. It was a quick fix, but my hands were frozen blocks for the rest of the time after I put my gloves back on. Once we got back I did some push ups.

4 thoughts on “Mercedes Marathon Training: Week 9 Day 6

  1. Awesome job once again! Are you noticing any transition issues from the treadmill to the road? I've been running on my treadmill more then I normally do, and funny thing is I actually feel faster when I have hit the pavement (had to slow myself down on one run). Great Job!


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