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Mercedes Marathon Training: Week 9 Complete


Yesterday we bought a food dehydrator. I love the idea of having fruit and vegetable chips for a snack, but the ones in the store are prepared in oil. This way we can have apple chips, banana chips, etc with no additives and they are delicious.

Today is our long run to cap off the week and the weather did not cooperate. It was 45 degrees which is amazing, but we had a wind advisory. 25mph winds with gusts up to 35mph. We live the the pancake flat part of IL so winds like that are ridiculous. So I took to the treadmill and did the hill simulation of the race course. I felt amazing the whole time! I had a runner’s high from mile 12 on. I hope to have some of this feeling race day.

Here is how the week went.
M: Rest, Abs
T: 7 Miles Recovery W/6 X 100M Strides (Treadmill, 1% Incline, 54:38, 7:49 pace), Abs
W: 10 Miles VO2 Max W/5 X 1200M @ 5KGP (Treadmill, 1% Incline, 1:16:08, 7:37 pace), Push Ups
R: Bike 8.6 Miles (P4, L6, 30:00, 17.2mph), Planks
F: 4 Miles Recovery (Treadmill, 1% Incline, 31:36, 7:54 pace), Lunges and Squats on BOSU
Sa: 11 Miles (‘Hood, 1:30:58, 8:17 pace), Push Ups
Su: 20 Miles (Treadmill, 1-2.5% Incline, 2:39:00, 7:57 pace), Abs

Total: 52 Miles

Now our plan will step back and then taper. I’m so excited for this race!

7 thoughts on “Mercedes Marathon Training: Week 9 Complete

  1. First time posting here. Love your blog! You are quite the inspiration.


  2. Yeah! I am so excited, too! I know you are going to do awesome!


  3. I'm excited for you! Your going to do great! 🙂 good job with your final high mileage week!


  4. What a great week! Great job! You inspire me daily!


  5. We have a dehydrator too! I have yet to try it out though. I can't wait to make veggie chips and dried fruits.


  6. I'm so happy you're excited about coming to Birmingham! It really is a great city!!! What area of town are you staying in? I can get you a list of some wonderful places to eat!


  7. Nice training week and you run a lot on the Treadmill!.Is it to cold outside for running?.Ans running a race is the best thing to do after many weeks or training, have


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