Mercedes Marathon Training: Week 10 Day 4

Tonight was 8 Miles VO2 Max W/5 X 600M Strides followed by some push ups.

I’ve noticed that shoe laces in the lime color version of my Nike LunarGlides loosen up easily while running. So I’ll probably finish my training in my white pair and see if they are any better. I don’t want to have to mess with them during the next marathon.

We got news today that the St. Louis Half Marathon is giving out 10 Year Anniversary running bags for the Marathoners, Half Marathoners, and Marathon Relay participants. So that’s a nice surprise!

7 thoughts on “Mercedes Marathon Training: Week 10 Day 4

  1. Likely, those bags will be nice. The Flying Pig in Cincinnati did the same thing, and it was a really nice duffle. I got your email and I plan to respond ASAP. Great workouts, as usual.


    1. I will see if I can find a picture. I love the extra swag! Plus the 2009 medal looks much improved since 2008. Any chance you come back to do this one this year?



  2. Oh poor lime green shoes…..maybe it’s not the shoes fault, LOL. My new Nike Max Moto shoes do the same thing. I have to double knot them tightly.

    Awesome on the running bag…..any extra swag is always cool! I wish I was doing St. Louis 😦 darn husband had to go and get into Boston…….just have to settle for Chicago (oh and you know what this weekend is right?).

    Great workout too!


    1. Oh yeah I know what Monday is! Something else this weekend??? Hmm….
      Boston will be amazing! Can’t wait til we can meet up and share race experiences.



      1. Ya I kept saying this weekend because people were talking about Sunday at midnight. I’m not doing that, but we will get in this week or next.

        Daylight saving time changes in 6 weeks (yes I am counting down). More light means more flight!


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