Mercedes Marathon Training: Week 10 Complete?


Sooooo my weekend hasn’t been without drama. Saturday I spent most of the day cleaning the house. Around dinner time we decide to head out run some errands and pick up food to make dinner. I slip off my Uggs and then reach up to one of our closet shelves and am on my tippy toes barefoot when I feel a strong pop in my right lower Achilles area near the heel. My comment was ‘that felt weird’. Within a minute of walking around I get a stabbing pain in the same location, strong enough that I have to hobble to the bed and proceed to lay there, freak out and cry. Rob was super nice to me and became a PT checking out which ranges of motion seemed to hurt. Anything where being on the tippy toes hurt. I was down for the count. No 11 mile run for me that night. Instead lots of ice alternating for the rest of the night and Aleeve.

I woke up this morning to having more mobility, but I could still feel a tinge of soreness in that area. Kind of like working out too hard sore feeling, not stabbing like yesterday. I wore my ace bandage anytime I wasn’t icing my ankle area and had more Aleeve. My husband has been patiently listening to me worry all day long. Then I proceeded to bug Rebecca with my troubles. Rob and Rebecca both said don’t run, it’s not worth it so I pulled the plug on my 16 miler today. 😦 I tried to cope by doing my Advanced Body Slimming Pilates DVD and Trigger Point. This evening I’m having no tinges of anything. I will wait and see how I feel tomorrow and may do my 16 miler on the treadmill after work, only if I’m still feeling good. Even though I have a plan and am feeling better I still ended up bugging Nicole and Stevi with this too. There isn’t anything more I can do at this point, but sometimes venting helps some.

So here is what I did get done this week:

M: Rest, Push Ups

T: Rest, Push Ups

W: 6 Miles Recovery (Treadmill, 1% Incline, 47:24, 7:54 pace), Abs

R: 8 Miles VO2 Max W/5 X 600M Strides (Treadmill, 1% Incline, 1:00:33, 7:35 pace), Push Ups

F: 4 Miles Recovery + Speed W/6 X 100M Strides (Treadmill, 1% Incline, 30:02, 7:31 pace), Abs

Sa: Rest – Hurt 😦

Su: 23 Mins Pilates, 30 Mins TriggerPoint

Total: 18 Miles

8 thoughts on “Mercedes Marathon Training: Week 10 Complete?

  1. Missy you did not bug me at ALL! My heart just dropped when I saw your note this morning. I am SO HAPPY that it’s nothing too serious and all things indicate you are on the mend quickly.

    Now stop wearing non-slip proof shoes… about hiking boots? Oh and while you are at it some body armour in case of a more serious fall (on second thought how are your wheelchair skills? Any stairs in the house? Maybe move evening to one floor). 🙂


  2. Hope all is well! keep up with your R.I.C.E. method. Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation 🙂

    We’re all rooting for you!!!


  3. I’m sorry your injured! Its only tempoary. REST NOW! Your race is coming up fast and you need to be ready. I promise that 16 or 11 miler isnt gonna change how you run race day- the important stuff is over. seriously. REST THAT ANKLE!!! You’ll thank me mile 22 of the marathon… i promise!!!

    Sending healing vibes your way!! love you!!!!


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