Mercedes Marathon Training: Week 12 Day 2

Tonight I did 6 Miles Recovery on the treadmill and I got my playlist ready. I’m planning to use my music on and off as needed. Here are the songs I’ll have with me with my iPod set on shuffle:

7 thoughts on “Mercedes Marathon Training: Week 12 Day 2

  1. Do you always run with music? Reason I ask, is I never race with my MP3 player. I am wondering if maybe I will need it for the Chicago marathon since I will be solo. My marathon partener (aka: my dad) isn’t up for the marathon. So I am worried about how I will handle being on my own.

    Gosh, I sound like a kid. ha!

    He was my support for my 18 mile training run, 20 mile training run and for the entire marathon. So not having him there is already messing with my mind and I am not even close to training yet.


    1. Hey Stephanie! Brining my music seems to depend on my mood for that day and the distance of the race. Rob and I train and race at our own paces so sometimes I like a little music with me, sometimes the quiet is nice. So far with the marathon I like having it on me so I have the option to use it if I want. I never wear music in 5K and 10K races any more so this year I may stop wearing my iPod for Half Marathons, I dunno.

      Chicago Marathon is a very exciting race so I found myself turning my music on only during certain points in the race, because it is packed, loud and exciting for most of the course.



      1. Thanks. I have never ran a race with my music, but I do train with it. I may need to consider taking it with me come October.


  2. Great list CJ!

    Steph- I thought I would comment on your question. I ALWAYS trained with my ipod and had to listen to music. The sound of my breathing drove me nuts. During my half I took my ipod with me, but I don’t think I used it at all. I ended up running with some people going for my pace, and even at the end when I took off I still didn’t miss it. Now that was only a half marathon, but I think I will plan on taking the ipod to Chicago, but I will make sure to have a pocket for it since I doubt I will use it the whole time.

    I’m so excited for you CJ and keeping my fingers crossed that there are no weather issues that cause travel problems for you this weekend.


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