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IL Marathon Training: Week 2 Day 2


Tonight was Coco’s training class so I ended up making this night a Rest night in the training.

Me and Coco.

There was another class in one room, but in our class it was only us and one other lady with a four year old boxer. Rob and I worked on sit, down, and look at me with Coco. She did great since we already have worked on sit and down on our own, but we got to try it using a clicker and it seemed to work just as well. She definitely had a good time being around a new environment and behaved like an angel. We had a good time although we are undecided if we will continue the classes as we have allergies and by the end of the class we were not doing so good. We may try one more time and see if we can tolerate it.

7 thoughts on “IL Marathon Training: Week 2 Day 2

  1. OMG such a precious pic of you and and coco! b and his mom think she is GORGEOUS!


  2. I loved taking Ella to puppy school. We learned more than she did but I think the socialization was so important.


  3. Yay for Coco and I love that pic.


  4. Awww, what a good doggie! You guys are so cute together.


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