IL Marathon Training: Week 3 Day 6

It feels like forever since I’ve posted. It’s been super busy around here with work and going out. Wednesday was the fashion show for charity. It was a hit! I had three outfits, but due to a scheduling snafu I didn’t get to walk the runway in one of my outfits because they didn’t update their records the announcers thought we were done with one of the companies before I walked. No biggie, I got to walk in two outfits and then a we did a final walk out as well. The ladies were so much fun! I had a blast goofing off in the back with a couple of the girls who were the “Christinas”. I was in between them in the line up, so screw it, I said I would be Christina too for the night cause they were very cool chicas. We should get pictures, so I’ll update this post if we get them. I was supposed to run after the event, but I was pooped so instead I rearranged my training schedule and took a rest day.

Thursday night after work I got a quick beer with a fabulous co-worker and friend before jetting home to get ready to meet up with our friends Drew and Carrie to get sushi. They are so much fun! A couple grainy pictures from my iPhone, it was very dim in the restaurant.

We had the best sushi at a local restaurant and we ran into our vet’s office having a private party celebrating their 10 years as a company. Our vet had us do a shot of the best sake I have ever had. 🙂 Then we headed back home for some Wii action with Drew and Carrie. Needless I took another rest day, but it was so worth it. Normally we don’t socialize this much in the middle of the work week, but fashion shows and time with Drew and Carrie are cause for rearranging. 🙂

Friday was just lots of running around and an afternoon movie, Remember Me. A very good movie, not a ‘must see in a theater’ type, but definitely a movie that had me in tears and it’s one that I won’t forget. I ran 13 Miles Long on the treadmill.

Which leads to today. I did 9 Miles Recovery outside and it felt amazing. It’s funny running the smells you will discover during a run. This run stunk of earthworms laying all over the street. I tell ya, they have a particular smell. Then two different houses were cleaning and doing laundry and the smell of clean was a very nice change. It started to rain the last mile but it kinda felt nice being at the end of the run. Later we picked up our race packets for a 5K tomorrow and I did some shopping. With everything going on I hope my legs are ready for another race.

5 thoughts on “IL Marathon Training: Week 3 Day 6

  1. Sounds like you had a really fun week! This is a totally stupid question, but what is sake? I’ve seen it on menus TONS of times, but never had it. I love sushi, so I am curious.


    1. Not a dumb question at all! Sake is alcohol made from rice. Many reference it to wine, because it has such a light taste more like a wine, but it’s actually made with more of a brewing process like beer. There are many types of Sake some served warm or chilled. I’m not well versed as to which is what, I’m sure there is all kinds of info online. I know this kind was chilled and amazing. It was light, crisp and clean in flavor. I could have easily had a glass like wine of it. If you try Sake better try it from someone who knows what to order as I’ve tried it before off the menu (hot or cold) and never found one as yummy as this one was.



  2. Busy lady! Sounds like a really fun week, and you deserve to take some unplanned rest days. I can’t wait to see the pics from the fashion show.

    Goos luck to both of you today (and I sent you an email :-)!


    1. Hi hun! I responded to your email this morning, sorry for the delay. I’m working to get caught up from being a slacker in email and blogs. Thanks for the GL wishes!



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