IL Marathon Training: Week 3 Complete

Complete-ish. I’m missing 11 Miles. I rearranged my running for a busy week and planned to finish up tonight with 11 Miles, but my left hip has other plans. My left hip has been tight for a couple days and I’ve been nursing it along. Then at mile 2 of the 5K race today it was shooting pain something fierce. I’m not ready to call this an injury, rather a set back. It’s feels muscular or IT band-ish. So more Aleeve, heating pad, a hot soak with Epsom Salt, some Icy Hot and no 11 Miles.

Normally I would be in a fit about this already, but surprisingly not yet. I’m surprised how calm I’ve been about it. Just treat it and move forward. Hopefully it comes around in a couple days. If not, I’m off to the physical therapist.

Here is what I got done this week:

M: Bike 8.8 Miles (P4, L6, 30:00, 17.6 mph), Abs and Upper Body Strengthening

T: 6 Miles Recovery (Treadmill, 1% Incline, 45:01, 7:31 Pace), Push Ups

W: Rest

R: Rest

F: 13 Miles Long (Treadmill, 1% Incline, 1:35:10, 7:20 Pace), Push Ups

Sa: 9 Miles Recovery (‘Hood, 1:10:50, 7:53 Pace)

Su: 3.1 Miles Race (St. Pat’s 5K, 21:31, 6:56 Pace, 1st Age Group)

Total: 31.1 Miles

5 thoughts on “IL Marathon Training: Week 3 Complete

  1. Ugh, sorry your hip is bothering you. I’m honestly kind of shocked and amazed by your schedule, since I am shooting for a 3:20 marathon (previous best is 3:25) and for me to do 7:20 pace for 13 miles would be a near-impossible (i.e. the kind of thing I might attempt once in a cycle) workout, close enough to a race effort to leave me beat up for a few days. For me easy runs are in the 8-8:15 range with recovery jogs at 8:30 or even 9:00, which is pretty well in line with the McMillan calculator. I usually do an interval day with stuff in the 6:00-6:30 range and a few tempo to MP (7-7:30) miles each week, but I would be wrecked going under 8:00 every single day. How do you recover from going hard every day? Or the reverse- if you don’t feel like you are going hard in workouts, what do you think you need to translate that speed to faster races?


    1. Hey Kristin! For me I follow a training plan ‘Advanced Marathoning’ and look at pacing from McMillian based on my past race times, however I run recovery runs and general aerobic runs based on how I feel for that particular workout. Sometimes that means running faster than another day or running and realizing woops that wore me out too much. Over time I’ve gotten better at adjusting to what feels right for me that day. Running plans and pacing are as unique as each runner so if what you are doing is working for you keep it up! Recovery wise I use a foam roller and stretching afterward and the Trigger Point system on rest days (although I’ve been a slacker lately).


  2. Kristin, no worries, please. I’m sure not trying to knock ANYTHING from CJ, but throwing down tempos in the 6s takes a LOT out of person. I have a marathon best of 3:06, and I keep my easy runs in the 8s, as do most runners with PRs in the low 3s. CJ’s hard effort workouts are exactly where they need to be, but nothing would be wrong with slower easy days.

    C, take care of that hip, okay? Have you tried foam rolling since you think it’s ITB? Great race, btw! You were only a few seconds off your PR!


    1. Hey Rebecca! Thanks! I’m betting its ITB because I woke up today feeling sore, but better than last night. So more stretching and soaking tonight. I’ll definitely take my pacing easy while I get back to 100%.


  3. CJ- from one limpy to hopefully not to another take care of the hip lady. You have your Boston, now stay healthy.

    Kristin- My hubby is someone that generally runs his training runs slower then a lot of his counter parts (and many have slower PR’s). It has worked for him and kept him mostly injury free so don’t fret when you see CJ’s paces. She’s a speed star and sometimes she just can’t help her self, lol.


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