IL Marathon Training: Week 5 Day 4

I’ve been at a conference for work all week in Orlando, Florida. The hosting hotel was Gaylord Palms and it was very nice! The hotel has three pools, 6 restaurants and bars, shopping, tons of walking paths, forests and waterfalls inside with fish, turtles and alligators.

And while this was a work trip I tried to enjoy myself some with time by the pool, running in the sweltering hotel gym and good food and drink. I had buffalo for the first time and it is very lean meat and I also got a lesson at the steakhouse bar on burbon, whiskey and scotch and found that I’m a fan of some scotch neat (without water or ice).

Here are some blurry pics of my room and the view from my balcony. It looked out onto the steakhouse and one of the garden areas.

Here are a few pictures from my iPhone.

Getting some sun in an attempt to even out my runner’s tan, like there is any hope. Shorts, tank, and sock lines are in right? 🙂

So while I was gone I did two runs on the treadmill, both 6 Miles Recovery. Today was a LONG day. I had very little sleep and was up and packing at 3am to get home. We met up with some friends at a local restaurant for dinner and then it was time to get in my run. I did 15 Miles Med-Long on the treadmill. I’m ready to get back my normal routine. I only miss the 80 degree Florida weather. I had finally felt thawed out and now it’s back to 45 degrees and cold rain. I wish summer would hurry up and get here already!

Time to catch up on some sleep!

5 thoughts on “IL Marathon Training: Week 5 Day 4

  1. What awesomeness!!!! Chris stayed at the Gaylord a few years ago for a convention and loved it too.

    SOrry you came back to crap weather……..:-)


  2. Glad you got to have some good weather in FL while you were here! I have heard the restaurants in the Gaylord are pretty nice. It looks like an amazing hotel from your pics! We live about 30 min from there!


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