March 2010 Stats

I finally made it over 200 miles for a month, took long enough!

Here is how the March ended up:

Run: 201.4 Miles

Bike: 17.7 Miles

Strength Training: 8 Times

I hope to get in a lot more strength training in the coming months!

13 thoughts on “March 2010 Stats

  1. Wow, nice job!

    I am trying to make sure I focus on more strength training as well. It’s so hard when we are so focused on running. Especially with the mileage you put in!!


    1. Omg! You never worry about that Rebecca! You are super busy! And we both get to each others blogs when we can 🙂 You are always a good friend cause I know you are there!


  2. Dang crazy! Thats FABULOUS!!!!! I’m back & commenting! I will read all your back posts and be caught up soon!!! Missed you!!! WAY TO GO GIRL!!!!!!!!


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