IL Marathon Training: Week 7 Day 4

This has been a VERY exhausting week. I ended up taking rest days Monday and Wednesday. Tuesday I ran 5 Miles Recovery. Tonight I did 11 Miles Med-Long on the treadmill.

I’ve come to learn that I dread rest days. I hate that stale feeling I get on the run following a rest day. Luckily tonight after the 6th mile that feeling wore off and I felt closer to my normal running self again. I do have to say that I’m loving Recovery and Med-Long run pace. I love the metronome feeling of the run, kind of like a rocking lullaby feeling on my soul as I drift off into a meditative running zen. I usually imagine on these runs that I am about to come up on a bend and on the other side is the ocean (even on my treadmill I still day-dream about this) and I can imagine how the ocean would look and the sound and smell of it. It would be so nice to run next to the ocean and afterward be able to jump in for a bit.

Our next half marathon is Sunday and I’ve decided to run it without headphones. I don’t wear them on shorter distances anymore and I think it’s time to put them away for this distance. This will be our first half marathon since running the full marathon distance and we have run two fulls so I’m excited to see how a half feels in comparison.

I have routine wellness exam tomorrow morning and because they have to take blood I have to fast from now until the appointment. I will be quite grouchy tomorrow morning without my coffee.

2 thoughts on “IL Marathon Training: Week 7 Day 4

  1. Are you a State employee? They have started doing those wellness exams on us. I was in the fasting boat and my time kept getting pushed back. I was about to pass out by the time they got to me. Then the nurse was like, “Hmmmm, your blood sugar is low.” Gee, ya think????? Anyway, I hope you enjoy your race with no headphones. I wear them for recovery and long runs (not tempo/interval work), but don’t race in them. I think you will enjoy the experience more. If you ever get down to the Gulf Coast, I will take you on that ocean-view run, okay?


    1. No not a state employee. I volunteered myself into this as it’s a part of our health care benefits. I was quite grouchy this morning without my coffee. I would totally faint if they made me wait any longer. I currently wear my headphones for all training runs, maybe I should leave them at home for tempo/interval work as well. I will totally take you up on that run when I’m in your neck of the woods. In fact, you ever want to meet for lunch we can fly to visit you.


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