2010 IL Marathon Expo

We drove to the IL Marathon Expo today to pick up our packets for tomorrow. This is only the 2nd year of this Marathon and they have already shown that they have improved the event. The layout for packet pick up and good bags was in a much better order because they used more space to separate the two pick ups, making the traffic flow much easier. The expo was also divided into two paces, plus the shopping available at the expo this year was much larger. The selection from the local running store of IL Marathon gear was not only more extensive, but the gear was much cooler this year. I wasn’t planning on getting anything this year, but ended up getting a tank because it was too cute. The IL Marathon shirt that came with our registration though was not that great. I would say that I preferred last year’s design. This year’s design has a lot of seams in it, which are not runner friendly when sweat gets into the equation. So I’ll use it for shorter distance runs, but it’s also not the worst shirt I’ve ever got from a long distance race either.

The reusable goodie bag, I really like this one:

The front of the women’s Marathon shirt. Not too shabby, but with this many seams that could be danger and it’s long sleeved, so won’t really wear it much until the fall I guess.

Back of shirt:

The tank I bought. I love it! It’s very soft!

A storm is moving through the area over night. I hope it passes in time so we are still able to race. Even if we are delayed, as long as we can race I’ll be  happy. Time to go soak in some Epsom Salt and mentally get ready to do this again. I hope my legs are ready!

4 thoughts on “2010 IL Marathon Expo

  1. Good luck tomorrow! I hope the storms end before the start. Plus can’t wait to hear about this race as it is one I have considered running.


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