Eating Pavement

WARNING: If you have a weak stomach for injuries, stop reading this post.


Today ends the first week of recovery from the IL Marathon. I was running 6 Miles Recovery that will end up being logged as 5 Miles Recovery since at 5.38 I took a header right into the ground.

Our friends Mike and Jamie live in the sub-division next to ours. They are doing some home improvements and happened to be outside and I waved to Mike and said that the house was looking nice. He said “this is lap 2 for the day” and I said “yep but I only have 6 miles today so this is it for me (for laps)” because normally I come by their house a few times when my runs are longer. So I picked up the pace because I had slowed down to say hi and only got 2 or 3 houses away when I tripped on my own foot as evidenced by the huge scuff on the right toe of my shoe. I apparently didn’t get my foot picked up or something. And as any runner who has been in this situation knows, it all happens so suddenly and the fall is hard. I took a couple falling steps skinned my hands and my right knee came down very hard. I felt the knee cap shift upward sharply and the pain was instantaneous. I rolled over and immediately covered my knee with my hand.

Mike was in the yard and I yelled to him for help. He quickly came up to see that I actually hurt myself pretty good and it wasn’t just a light scrape situation. I pulled my hand back and dark blood is gushing out and I was worried because I saw a flash of white. Based on the pain I was freaked that I had bone sticking out. Lucky for me Jamie is a nurse! Mike got me a clean cloth to hold on it and got Jamie to help. Jamie’s family was in town helping with the home improvements so I got to meet them as I lay there like roadkill.

Jamie was awesome! She was not afraid of my wound and got right to assessing the situation. Mike and her parents grabbed Jamie all the things she needed: water, gauze, medical tape, surgical wrap, band aids. She was able to quickly assess that there was no bone sticking out, it was just gnarly flesh. She washed the wound and wrapped me up while I sat there crying and in pain from my knee and hip being severely jarred. She was quick with the hugs and even complimented my updated hair color. Thank you to Jamie, Mike and Jamie’s parents for being so great to me!!!

Mike and Jamie got me into their truck and drove me home to Rob. I know we totally confused Rob when we drove up to the door and I come hobbling out with bandages on my knee and hands. Rob took the next shift and got me to prompt care to get the wound irrigated and to get x-rays.

In the waiting room, Jamie’s awesome bandage work:

The nurses were impressed with Jamie’s quick handy work and could tell someone with experience patched me up. 🙂

I was in a lot of pain. Rob did a great job of getting me around in my hobbled state and held my had through the painful examination of the area. I had to get a shot for the pain, a tetanus shot (cause it had been over 10 years ago), irrigation of the wound and x-rays.

The wound is nasty!! It’s a hole! A piece of me is laying out on the road somewhere. Rob has a strong stomach and he made a face when he saw it and was like ‘woah!’ I told him to get a pic for the blog, this was going to be quite a story. It doesn’t look as bad in the picture, it was gnarly in person.

And an even more gnarly picture of me: sad, broken, over it.

So where do I go from here? First I have to heal and get a good scab before I can even consider running again. Biking is even out of the equation for now. I have no idea how long will take to get a good scab. When I’m healed enough I will try biking first and then lightly running. If there are any issues with mechanics from my knee or hip I will be going to physical therapy immediately. I hope that at least I can do some upper body weights later this week.

But first things first. I need to rest a lot and focus on getting back to mobile around the house. This will be a good chance to catch up on reading, but I have to say that reading all the latest issues of Runner’s World and Running Times just feel like salt in the wound. Maybe I’ll be in the mood later this week. For now I’m going to stick with napping, reading blogs, and watching HGTV.

Here is how the week ended up:

M: Bike 11.5 Miles Easy (P1, L3, 45:00, 15.33 mph), Strength Training

T: Bike 11.3 Miles Easy (P1, L3, 45:00, 15.07 mph), Strength Training

W: 4.08 Miles Recovery (‘Hood, 35:08, 8:37 Pace)

R: Bike 12.6 Miles Easy (P1, L4, 45:00, 16.8 mph), Strength Training

F: 5 Miles Recovery (‘Hood, 39:05, 7:49 Pace)

Sa: Bike 8.6 Miles Easy (P1, L4, 30:00, 17.02 mph), Strength Training

Su: 5 Miles Recovery (‘Hood, 39:49, 7:58 Pace) – Fell at 5.38, run ends with visit to the doctor office 😦

Total: 14.08 Miles

38 thoughts on “Eating Pavement

  1. Oh, you poor thing! I am so sorry that happened to you. That picture of you is pitiful:( Take comfort in knowing anyone that has been running long enough has had a similar incident. You are not alone! It will heal faster than you think. You’ll be back at it before you know it. ((((HUGS)))))


    1. Yeah I mentioned that to our friends, that I’ve seen some wicked pictures of wounds out there from other runners and I guess after 3 years of running it was my turn to eat some pavement. If this is the worst that ever happens I would consider myself lucky. Thanks for the support! I’m also lucky to have fallen near our friend’s house and also got this injury while in recovery and not in the midst of a big race.


  2. “I told him to get a pic for the blog,” .. lol.. hardcore.
    Well that sucks! Hopefully you have a quick recovery….

    BTW, i ran a 5k yesterday, and after your last marathon report i said I would try to smile… didn’t happen.. i didn’t even *think* about smiling till i was running down a hill.. then i smiled… till i got to the next hill then i was not smiling anymore.. Gotta work on that =)


    1. Jena bless your heart for trying to smile in a 5K! And with hills to boot! I rarely smile in a 5K, they aren’t very enjoyable for me because speed work is not my specialty. I’ll try to do more smiling at 5Ks too. 🙂


  3. btw.. I’m dorky about spelling sometimes.. tetanus is spelled like that… I’m sure spelling is the last thing on your mind. But just in case. It’s a difficult word, with a stupid spelling.


    1. Thanks! I updated the post. My grammer and spelling are not great so thanks for your patience with me. Good thing for me that wordpress has a grammar/spell check feature, I just need to remember to use it! 🙂


  4. Ooohhh…that looks like it hurts! Ow! I just wanted to let you know that I think you are an amazing inspiration and I am wishing you a speedy recovery!! I found your blog while recovering from a severe IT band injury, knee to hip, and reading about your adventures has kept me going.

    You will be back at it before you know it and faster than ever I am sure!!

    There’s an article in Runner’s World this month on injuries and I must say this IT thing has let me really think about why I love to run and how much it sucks to be injured. Getting back in the game will be even sweeter, I am sure!

    Good Luck and All the Best!



    1. Melissa, thanks for the post and reading my blog! I hate IT band issues! They have given me trouble through training so I feel your pain. I hope they get better for you. They never got bad enough for me see a physical therapist. Instead threw my various injury repair tactics: I had to back off mileage, get on a flat surface (a lot of treadmill), foam rolling, sports massages, biofreeze, heating pads, epsom salt soaks.

      Injuries are unfortunately are a part of the running. Recovery is critical. So I hope we both get healthy and stronger than ever!


  5. Oh hun I am so very sorry! Falls do happen so quick that it is impossible to retrace and try to figure out exactly how it happened. Try to enjoy this unasked for rest period. I had some serious chafing from the half last weekend and one good thing that came out of it is that I CANNOT wait to get out for a run. The monotony towards the end of training for a race can sometimes take the love out of running and being forced to not run brings it right back. Hopefully you will scab up as quickly as possible and not be in too much pain.


  6. Oh man, that is crappy! Wishing you a speedy speedy recovery.

    I left a piece of my knee on the bumper of a truck while riding my bike as a teen – so I know what you mean about seeing that white stuff and freaking out! Other than a rad looking scar, though, I’m no worse for the wear. Here’s hoping the same for you!


  7. I’m so sorry that this happened to you! As I was reading your post, I thought about the last time that I fell, around March of 2009 as I was training for a half-marathon. I was running along fine, then just hit the edge of a small indentation (pothole) in the street, and before I knew it, I was down. I also put my hands out and scratched them up, and also landed on my left knee. That knee is still scarred to this day. As runners, sometimes we need to “leave it all out on the road.” Unfortunately, some of us take that literally! So relax, enjoy the rest, and recovery quickly. You’ll be back out there before you know it!


    1. Ugh potholes and road imperfections suck too. It’s amazing how the tiniest thing can take a runner down like that. LOL! Good point! Defintely left it out on the road! 🙂


  8. Wow, that’s a vicious wound! Hope it heals more quickly than expected. I can’t imagine being totally unable to run. Speedy recovery!


  9. Oh my goodness Christine! What a spill you took! I hope that it is merely a flesh wound and nothing inside is all jammed up.
    I have skidded down a sidewalk, chin to knees and I have run into a street sign, but nothing this bad. 🙂
    Heal quickly and get back out there!!


  10. Ouch!! That looks very painful. I hope you heal quickly! You will now have a scar that will forever remind yourself of how tough you are.


  11. Noooooooo!!!!!!!!! Dang CJ…I really hope you recover quickly! I sooo sick of knee injuries…why do we even need knees??? Here’s to a quick and healthy scab! 🙂


  12. Curt :Noooooooo!!!!!!!!! Dang CJ…I really hope you recover quickly! I’m sooo sick of knee injuries…why do we even need knees??? Here’s to a quick and healthy scab!


  13. Eeeep! As someone who has been known to take a few running spills (sadly, it runs in the family-my sister’s even worse than I am), I can definitely sympathize. I’m glad it wasn’t worse, and hopefully the healing process is fast!


    1. Thanks Lori! Yes, it’s a “sucky but lucky situation” at least it wasn’t worse and at least it was post marathon and by my friend’s house so I could get help quickly. Definitely could have been a worse situation.


  14. ohhhh no!!!! i’m so sorry sweets! i hope your okay!! ahhh falling is no fun but thankfully your friends were there to save you!!! take it easy and rest rest rest!!!! ❤


  15. Try to keep your scab dry. I had scabby knees playing softball, and I always found I got a nice solid scab on them if I could keep them dry when I was showering.


  16. Oh no! Well, someone once told me that you’re not a “real runner” until you’ve eaten pavement…I guess you’ve now been initiated! Here’s to a short and painless recovery!


  17. Stephanie :Ouch!! That looks very painful. I hope you heal quickly! You will now have a scar that will forever remind yourself of how tough you are.

    Very true! I don’t mind a good ole scar story. Maybe when I’m tipsy and talking about it I’ll add some flavor to the story how I fought off ninjas or something. LOL! 🙂


  18. bleh. I had almost this same injury last fall (I tripped over the sidewalk). Healing seemed to take forever and anytime I bent my knee it hurt. I feel for ya! Hope you have a quick recovery!


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