Calves of Steel

I found out over the weekend that wearing a bandage on my knee and jeans don’t mix. The pressure and rubbing are too hard on the scab that needs to form. So I’ll be wearing shorts, skirts and dresses for a while even though the weather hasn’t been too great lately.

Yesterday I only got in:

13 Minutes Jump Rope

2 Mile Walk (Treadmill, 1% Incline, 33:05)

1 Set, 2 Min, Planks

1 Set, 30 Secs, Side Planks

It was raining yesterday, but I still went out to jump rope in the rain. I figured I run in the rain so what’s the difference. I’m sure our neighbors question my sanity. 😉 4 minutes into my jumping rope the handle came off one end. So I did my best to hold the rope with my hand to finish this session.

I got a new jump rope today and did:

31 Minutes Jump Rope

2 Sets, 2 Min, Plank

1 Set, 30 Secs, Side Plank

31 minutes straight of jump roping and holy Toledo my calves are tweaked! I feel like I have calves of steel! 😀

4 thoughts on “Calves of Steel

  1. I would love to get into jump roping– one of my coworkers jumps for an hour a day! Insane!!! It’s super good cardio! Way to go girl!!!! 🙂


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