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Addicted to Sweat


My name is Christine, and I’m addicted to sweat.

I’m scrounging to get my heart rate elevated enough to break a sweat. It’s been hard to come by. I at least feel luke warm while working out. I’m ready for a good old fashion butt kick of a run where it feels like a gallon of stress, worry, everything comes out my pores. I have more than enough anxiety from this injury to run out, almost ironic in a way. My soul misses the zen state that comes from running. I hope a great run is around the corner. Until then I did:

3.5 Miles Walk (Treadmill, 1% Incline, 42:33)

1 Set, 30 Reps, Sit Ups, BOSU

1 Set, 25 Reps, Tricep Extension, 5lbs FW

1 Set, 15 Reps, Bicep Curls, 10lbs FW

1 Set, 15 Reps, Hammer Curls, 10lbs FW

1 Set 15 Reps, Front Delt, 10lbs FW

1 Set, 2 Mins, Plank

1 Set, 45 Secs, Side Plank

10 thoughts on “Addicted to Sweat

  1. Come to Florida.. Walking out the door will make you break into a sweat! =) Even a 3mile walk on my treadmill will make you sweat (the treadmill is currently located in my husbands shop….outside).


    • I do love Florida. I was there for work recently and the air just felt so warm and actually smelled sweet. That would feel really good right about now.


  2. Ugh, I understand your “wanting to get it all out” feeling. Be patient, dear, and hang in there. You’re doing some AWESOME cross-training, btw.


  3. Nice job girlie! I’m addicted to sweat too!!! Hang in there! ❤


  4. HA!!!!!!!!!! I know EXACTLY how you feel….I need to be soaked to feel great (gross, huh?). Soooo tired of not being able to run…


  5. Better to be addicted to sweat than sweets! I love how great I feel after a run. It is addicting.


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