Taken For Granted

I’ve learned from this injury that I’ve taken running for granted. Not intentionally, but I’ve wasted time and energy on being disappointed in a particular run or race performance. I’ve had my share of soreness and set backs before, but this was my first real taste of a serious injury where running was completely out of the equation. And out of that I now see that all runs regardless pace or performance are a blessing and I want to spend my time being thankful. That doesn’t mean that a run or race won’t be challenging, but they all have value regardless of outcome and I need to treat them as such. So I’ve made a promise to myself tonight. From now on I will be thankful for the ability to move forward and consider myself lucky to have running at whatever capacity I have that day.

Tonight I continued to build my speed and mileage. I’m still limited by my scab, but I’m seeing more mobility coming.

4 Miles Easy (Treadmill, 1% Incline, 34:25, 8:37 Pace)

My palms are healed enough that I could try push ups again. I got through a set and will build from here. 🙂

1 Set, 15 Reps, Push Ups

8 thoughts on “Taken For Granted

  1. I agree. I think we realize that we’re lucky to be out there running, you never know how truly blessed you are until you loose the ability all together. Great you’re on the move again!


  2. Ain’t that the truth?! Running truly is a blessing!

    I am glad to hear how well you are healing. You’ll be back up to your normal speed and distance in no time.


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