Back To It?

This week I will attempt to get back to it so to speak. I will rejoin the mileage of the Week 4 IL Marathon recovery training plan. I won’t push for intensity, just mileage and see how it goes. If it’s too much I’ll back it off.

Today would be a cross training night. I was going to jump rope outside, but it’s storming here. I can’t yet bike, it causes too much bend in my knee. So instead I just did weight lifting.

2 Sets, 20 Reps, Chest Press, 80lbs, Bowflex

2 Sets, 20 Reps, Chest Flys, 80lbs, Bowflex

2 Sets, 25 Reps, Sit Ups, BOSU

1 Set, 15 Reps, Oblique Crunches, BOSU

1 Set, 10 Reps, 10 Secs Ea, Bridge

1 Set, 15 Reps, Push Ups

While Standing on BOSU:

2 Sets, 20 Reps, Hammer Curls, 10lbs

1 Set, 15 Reps, Tricep Ext, 8lbs

1 Set, 8 Reps, Tricep Ext, 8lbs

2 Sets, 20 Reps, Shoulder Press, 16lbs

2 Sets, 15 Reps, Front Delt, 10lbs

1 Set, 8 Reps, Squats, 8lbs

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