Thumbs Down!

So I got my IL Marathon 1st Female 30-34 Age Group award in the mail today……

Ta Da!!!

FFFFFRRRAAAGGGGIIIIILLLEEE! Must be Italian, lol! 🙂 Just kidding, this is Drew’s leg lamp. Yeah I’m a little jealous.

So my first ever BIG race win…..this is a milestone……an award I will always remember… first marathon win….30 days of waiting…finally here….I carefully unwrap the small envelope and this is what I get.

In case my face is hard to interpret for those who don’t know me, that is disappointment.

A luggage tag…..yes….a luggage tag….THAT….does NOT even have a place to put personal information on it to even use it as a luggage tag (metal with no place to write anything on the back). Well then for 30 days of wait, it should surely have my name on it or something, right? NOPE!

And another emotion that appears to looks similar, but with a twist of anger, is this expression….making what Rob called when taking the picture as “irritated”.

Yeah I don’t want to hear about the F-ing economy is why this award is so lame. This year the Go! St. Louis Marathon had VERY nice awards that were plaque type with the background of the Arch and runners on it, plus the awards were 5 deep in each age group, for the full and half! I didn’t win one (7th in AG), but I drooled on them waiting to see the results. 🙂

This award is crapola. Thumbs down IL Marathon, thumbs down!!

Yes, I will still probably run your race in the future, but way to put zero thought into your awards.

Today is a rest day for me. Maybe I’ll use the time to find something in the house to tag with this lovely symbol of my accomplishment.

16 thoughts on “Thumbs Down!

  1. wow! FAIL! thats as bad as my 2nd place ag group local 5k… except it wasnt a big deal like WINNING your age group in a freaking marathon… um they seriously robbed you… also, i think id take my recycled drawstring bag over that anyday… atleast people can see it!! IL marathon FAIL! sorry sister! atleast you can laugh about it— but maybe just not yet! xoxo


    1. Yeah it really is a craptastic award for a freaking FULL marathon. This is the type of junk I would expect from an unpopular short race.

      I think I will start a list of things more useful than this award…old newspaper, a hairball, used gum, toenail clippings from a homeless person.

      Really all I can do is laugh about it. I’ll never forget this award, but not for the reasons I was expecting. I always remember my first age group award ever (a 5K in 2007) so this was going to have that milestone type feeling….the award didn’t quite deliver.

      Sarcasim and humor is all I can muster up for this piece of poo.


  2. First of all…. LOVE the leg lamp, it would be a much better award than the piece of crap they sent you from winning in a marathon!!!!! See…. this is why I will never run anything more than a 5k, and also because I can’t run any longer than 3 miles 🙂 Glad you are feeling better tho!!! You guys still need to get out on the lake with us!


    1. Drew even has a leg lamp, night light, how cool is that?! Yeah this was such a let down in the marathon award department. Totally need to boat it up!


  3. Your post made me LOL. Definitely a LAME award and something you can laugh about for years to come.

    And you should TOTALLY bedazzle it!


    1. Thanks! Very true! If they had a chip mat at those points I would take the times, but if they don’t I let them go until the next race. 🙂


  4. Oh, poo on them! That just stinks! If they want to claim economy, I have some ideas for them! Hand-made awards are better than that! Seriously, this year at the Mobile First Ligh Half, there were wooden plaques decorated by children! Cheap, yet special. That luggage tag isn’t even cute! (No offense) I’m sorry you got shafted. Thank stinks.

    FWIW, a few years ago, I got 2nd OVERALL female at the Baton Rouge Beach Marathon in Louisiana. My prize… a DOLLAR TREE ribbon. Yep, just a dollar. So, it COULD be worse. LOL. Just think, it’s all about inner rewards. Haha. You still ROCK!


    1. I agree, hand made awards are great! We have a 5K in town that used to have kids paint statues and then they made them into trophies, I was bummed to find out they stopped that this year.

      Wow! Just a dollar for 2nd OVERALL Female in a marathon! That’s nuts!!

      Totally about the inner rewards, just was excited for some cool thing from a big race, didn’t know they can be as janky as some short races.


  5. Well at least it wasn’t another gertic metal.. that is from supply compnay. I have a gold, silver and brozne in one particular design.


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