2010 Washington Cherry Festival – 5K – 21:09

After Friday’s Tour de Metro and the two glasses of wine and many thimbles of tastes that I had, it was rough getting up this morning. The alarm went off at 4:30am and we woke up to a big thunderstorm. I bargained Rob into 30 mins of extra sleep rationalizing that the weather needs time to pass. I’m not sure how that keeps me from needing to get up and get ready, but Rob was willing to have another 30 minutes of shut-eye.

We got up at 5am and drug ourselves around the house to get ready. I felt tired and dehydrated. I fueled up on some delicious Cinnamon Life Cereal, coffee and water and we were out the door. This race is out-of-town and was a 45 minute drive.

We met up with our friends Jo and Drew and also saw other runners we know well too. We got signed up, warmed up and ready to go.

This was a different race for me because I had a completely different goal than I’ve ever had. Rob and I have been talking our race and fuel strategies over with the experienced folks in a local running team and it was suggested that I do a time trial. By doing some time trials at races and some work on the track hopefully they will be able to pinpoint areas of speedwork that I need to focus on. The goal would be to run the first 2 miles full-out and try to hit 12:45 and just finish the last 1.1 however that comes, even if that means walking it in. And the first two miles needed to be closer in pace, not a huge spike of time change between them.

I was nervous for the first time in a long time for a 5K because of this new type of goal. I had no idea how to balance out my run to account for this, but was excited to see what happens.

Rob came in at 20:39, 4th in his Age Group!

I did not meet the 12:45 goal. Instead I got 12:57. I did slow down when I hit the 2 Mile mark to catch my breath and then I kept just moving forward and finished the race with what I had left. And in the end…I got a new PR!! 21:09

My splits on Garmin:

Mile 1 – 6:27

Mile 2 – 6:31

Mile 3 – 7:09

.1 – 6:17 Pace

Finally a 5K PR, it’s been awhile! I was also 2nd Female Overall!!

The awards were sweet!! They went 3 deep in the overall categories. When they handed us the boxes they said “Crown” on the front, so I said “did we just win booze?” 🙂

Me with my award.

It’s glass and very pretty! Here is an up close shot with my grubby fingerprints on it. 🙂

From here I hope to get some speed work training done in hopes that I can get my short race times down. I’m excited to try another time goal again and see if I can come through with it.



6:47 Pace

F: 2/?

Overall: 36/451

13 thoughts on “2010 Washington Cherry Festival – 5K – 21:09

  1. Awesome job, girl! You just keep getting better and better! I’m so happy for you. Also, that is a nice award, much nicer than the luggage tag. Haha. I’m really curious, but what was the logic behind the “2 miles all out” thing? I’ve just never heard of that before. Not putting it down at all, b/c it obviously worked for you. I’m just curious about new ways of training/racing.


    1. Thanks! I can’t say that I completely understand the logic yet. I know that based on my ability to hit that number or not (which I didn’t) was supposed to be an indicator as to what types of speedwork (200s, 400s) would help me push to the next level. Or at least that’s how I understood it. More to come as I figure out what this all means. 🙂


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