Turkey Festival – 5K – 20:06

 Today’s race was out of town and I didn’t judge the time right and we were running late. I stood in a long line to get our bibs only to find out they had given my number to someone else. So I ended up spending the rest of the time working it out with the race director to get me a new number. I was planning to do a longer warm up than usual and instead I ended up with very little warm up at all. After a few quick hellos to our friends it was time to get to it.

This course is flat and has few turns, making it a good opportunity to PR. Our friend Ryan had given me specific goals. He wanted the first mile at 6:13-6:15 and the second at 6:30. I still owed him a 12:45 and I was able to deliver! I also PRed by over a minute!

My time was 20:06!! 2nd in my Age Group!

Rob PRed as well with 19:16!! 2nd in his Age Group!

Us girls. 🙂 Carrie, Me, Shanae, Michelle.

We have stinky pitties!!

This was a local town festival which means carnival rides, food, etc. Us with some creepy carney characters. 🙂

Me and Rob with our awards.

We greatly improved our times from last year!

That afternoon we went out boating with Michelle and Dan. Too bad the weather wouldn’t cooperate and after one lap around the late it started to down pour. Oh well, another time!

Michelle and me. Someday I hope I have her abs!

This evening we were supposed to meet Drew and Carrie at a local winery and watch a band, but due to the bad weather we plan to meet up at an Oyster Bar and hopefully listen to some jazz. 🙂



6:29 Pace

F 30-34: 2/29

F: 6/?

Overall: 32/331

6 thoughts on “Turkey Festival – 5K – 20:06

  1. I am SUPER happy to be back running and seeing you guys at the races 🙂 Congrats on both of your awesome PRs!! Also, thanks for making Shanae feel special about running her first 5k, she thought you guys were really cool. Yes, boating shall have to wait until we are not getting pounded by a monsoon… haha it made for more memories tho! And I sure was arresting you in our boating pic… you were much too speedy earlier in the morning 🙂


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