The last couple of days have been super busy, let me try to recap.

Friday was spent at the salon getting my hair darker. It’s very dark, but with all the running it keeps lightening up so fast. I doubt I will continue to get it this dark, but it’s fun to play around with the color and see what I like. I’m betting in the seven weeks until my next visit it will lighten up too with all the running in the sun.

Rob and I had a nice lazy lunch outdoors at one of our favorite spots. Then we got in our 5 Miles Easy and I did 6 X 50s afterward.

5 Miles Easy (‘Hood, 41:42, 8:21 Pace)


Then it was on to a Peoria Chiefs baseball game (they are the minor league team to the Cubs). It was a lot of fun! A yummy MGD 64 and peanuts hit the spot. This game wasn’t crowed at all. We were surprised more people in the community don’t attend the games, it’s a nice way to be outdoors, chat away and cheer on the team.

I have peanut shell in my hair, nice.

Saturday was just as busy. First on the agenda was our second hill workout of the week. We don’t have many hills in our town, this one being grass makes it great for this sprinting type work. Thursday we ran up the middle and found the distance to be shorter, this time we went up the left hand side and it added another 100 feet.

We did a warm up, 8 Hills Sprints with walks down and then cool down around the area.

2.44 Warm Up (Jersey Ave, 22:01, 9:01 Pace)

1.23 Hill Sprints 8 W/Walks Down (Jersey Hill, 20:54, 17:00 Pace)

1.7 Cool Down (Jersey Ave, 16:11, 9:32 Pace)

This workout left me feeling sore in my right Achilles. We grabbed some bags of ice from the gas station and made ice baths.

Then it was time to put some flying back into this FlyRunner blog. Those who don’t read my ramblings regularly you may not have picked up on the fact that my husband and I built our own airplane. I haven’t been blogging about our flights because there hasn’t been any trips lately as Rob has been painting it. He is half way done! When finished it will be a partial paint and polish job, meaning that we want to leave the major parts of the aluminum exposed to show our rivet work. It was so much time and energy to put together that we weren’t wanting to cover it all up with paint. The plane isn’t even properly polished yet, so when we get done with painting that will be the next step and then it will really shine. 🙂

Us leaving for our flight. We headed over to Eagle Creek, IN to have lunch at Rick’s Boatyard Cafe and then to Trader Joe’s for some grocery shopping.

I love how all the farmers’ fields are green. Much nicer to look at than the drab brown of fall/winter.

Our view while we ate lunch outside. 

This trip wasn’t without adventure. We had lunch and took the pilot crew car to Trader Joes. We had a nice shopping trip and then stopped in at Starbucks. I got my first big city Starbucks mug (Indianapolis), yay! We got back to the airport to find out that there had been an incident. A plane had come in for landing and ended up on its nose. The pilot and passenger were unharmed, thank goodness. The FAA shut down the airport to do their investigation, which left us with a 3 hour delay. We spent our time and money at Best Buy and then had a light dinner at Rick’s. Once we were finally permitted to leave, it was so nice to get home. I was wiped from the long day and passed out asleep as soon as I curled up on the couch.

6 thoughts on “SupaFly

  1. I love your hair dark! It looks great on you! I also went from blonde to dark . My hair was bleach blond last July, and now its almost black. It is definitely fun to try out new colors! Glad you had a good flight, bummer about the delay @ the airport.


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