This week has been the typical amount of busy. Monday night Rob and I headed out to a park. He did intervals on the bike and I did 6 Miles Easy. My legs were dead tired and having only 4 hours of sleep was not helping, this was not a great run.

6 Miles Easy (Tipton, 49:17, 8:13 Pace)

Tuesday was a great workout, Ryan had me doing ladders at the track. I did 3 sets of (200, 400, 600, 400, 200) and they felt really good! I loved how the distance varied, it make the workout interesting.

2 Miles Warm Up (ISU Campus, 19:11, 9:36 Pace)

6.21 Miles 3 X (200,400,600,400,200) @ 46 (ISU Track, 55:37.82, 8:58 Pace)

2 Miles Cool Down (ISU Campus, 10:34 21:08, Pace)

This morning I went to the track to do drills, turns out the fields were being treated so I ended up going home and doing part of the drills at home.

2 Miles Warm Up (IWU Track, 18:21, 9:11 Pace)

3 X 50s

3 Sets of High Knees, Butt Kicks, Quick Feet

Then tonight I did 6 Miles Easy in the neighborhood. And then attempted P90X Ab Ripper. Yowza! It was very challenging! ! I did get through a bit of each exercise. This DVD was definitely worth it!

6 Miles Easy (‘Hood, 54:21, 9:04 Pace)

Ab Ripper

3 thoughts on “Ladders

  1. I have tried P90X and it’s definitely an awesome work out! I am getting the set of DVD’s next week and can’t wait to incorporate them into my training.


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