Smooth Criminals

Thursday Rob and I busted out of work early to get in our workouts before a happy hour (and then eventually dinner and another bar) with friends. I had track work and Rob had to get hill work done. We started on campus with a 2 Mile Warm Up, then I took to the track for 12X400s w/200 Recovery, and Rob rode his bike to the hill for his workout. I was psyched to nail my times and then finished with a 2 Mile cool down.

2 Miles Warm Up (ISU Campus, 19:03, 9:32 Pace)

12X400s W/200 Recovery (ISU Track, 4.7 Miles, 42:50 Pace)

2 Miles Cool Down (ISU Campus, 21:10, 10:35 Pace)

Today I met up with Ritter for some girl time and wouldn’t you know it, we got stopped by the po-po! I wasn’t speeding, but it turns out I got busted in our sweet ride because we don’t have a front license plate displayed. But our Mini Cooper S Convertible didn’t have a license plate holder like this one. Guess we need to order that. There was no hope of getting out of the ticket after the cop also noticed that our registration was expired, woopsie! We seriously forgot, how lame! Apparently the cop didn’t like that Ritter and I were sporting our cop sunglasses, shouldn’t we get out of stuff for looking cool? 🙂

Two tickets later, a trip to the DMV for the new sticker, it was time to get in a run. Ritter and I headed out through my ‘hood for a 5 Miler easy.

5.08 Miles Easy (‘Hood, 48:11, 9:30 Pace)

Ritter and I are a couple smooth criminals. 😉 We decided that if I were in jail she would show up in her cop sunglasses, dressed cute and say that she is my lawyer and demand to see her client. 🙂 Good to know Ritter is on the case!

3 thoughts on “Smooth Criminals

  1. HAHA I LOVE this post!!!! Yes, I would totally quit my day job to be your lawyer… I would demand to know what the charges are against my client and then I would bail you out 🙂 I still can’t believe he was so not nice to us… it was the cop glasses, I’m sure of it. He was mad that ours looked better than his! And there needs to be a correction to your post… it was 5 miles easy for you and 5 miles of dying for me haha 😉


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