28 Days

A new running milestone, 28 days of straight running. I loved very minute of it, even the difficult days.

Today I was scheduled for 2 Miles Easy Warm Up, Drills in the morning and then 6 Easy in the evening but neither will happen as my left knee is inflamed. I don’t think it’s anything too serious, just a mix of some sand volleyball and then later running hills caused my knee to ache. So time off is required.

Today Rob and I golfed with our friend Craig and got in 9 holes, it was a perfect day for it too. Tonight I am doing Ab Ripper and upper body work.

So to catch up on the week here is a summary.


6 Miles Easy (Treadmill, 1% Incline, 56:38, 9:27 Pace)


This workout was key for me, I felt a whole new strength and posture. It was utter joy!

3 Miles Quality Warm Up (ISU Track, 23:18, 7:46 Pace)

.46 Miles 6x50s (ISU Track, 6:20, 13:47 Pace)

3.9 Miles 20x200s w/100M recoveries (ISU Track, 46:32, 11:56 Pace)

3 Miles Cool Down (ISU Track, 31:04, 10:22 Pace)


My morning workout was a 4 am shuffle around the hood before work. Then the evening run I ran into our neighbor and friend Lance and we trotted around the hood and chatted about training.

AM – 4 Miles Easy (‘Hood, 39:33, 9:54 Pace)

PM -5.2 Miles Easy (‘Hood, 48:02, 9:18 Pace)


An unknown mistake and set back. I felt fine at the time and participated in some sand volleyball at a team outing. Little did I know the hill workout that Rob and I would do that night would leave me with knee pain by morning. Rob and I’s hill work was done at 10pm with headlamps on, I’m sure the people in the neighborhood thought we were nuts. 🙂

1.59 Mile Warm Up (Jersey Ave, 16:27, 10:21 Pace)

3.7 Miles 12 Hill Sprints (Jersey Hill, 51:27, 13:48 Pace)

2.02 Miles Cool Down (Jersey Ave, 22:10, 10:59 Pace)

I’m not excited about being sidelined even for a day, but I will just have to deal with it and get back to it as soon as my knee feels ready.

With my new training I foresee some more stints of running with no days off, but for now my record will be 28 days. 🙂

Tomorrow I will have a very new running post that I’m excited to share. 🙂

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