Carry the 1

After a 2.76 Miles Warm Up I started my track workout. I had on my calendar 9 x 200s at I (Interval) Pace. Odd I thought, but I did the math and got to doing the 200s, but they felt incredibly easy and the recovery of 2:15 seemed excessive for just an easy sprint. After the 4th one I realized, I bet I missed a 1 in front of 200, that would make the pacing more accurate. Ah ha! So I scraped the .81 Miles I did as 200s and got to the business of 9 x 1200s. I couldn’t make my goal paces, but just kept forging ahead to get in a workout. I still feel stale. I’m ready for things to get back to feeling fresh again. Afterward I got a 1.64 Mile Cool Down.

Then when getting my data into my running log do I see that I was actually scheduled for 9 x 800s. So instead of a 1 in front of the 200, it should have been an 8. Ugh!

At this point just not being on a hotel treadmill doing easy miles is a win, so I’m taking this workout still as a success to where I need to get to.

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