Crazy 8s

Thursday night was hill work. I was supposed to get in 16 hill sprints. Unfortunately the hill I went to do the training on isn’t the best area and after 3 sprints I was getting some unsavory attention and had to leave. I have my mace and this time even Rob waiting in the car down the road, but that still wouldn’t stop someone from approaching me. I felt very uncomfortable and had to leave. Rob drove me around town looking for another hill, but we are in flatsville. In the future I may have to drive up to 20 minutes to find a better location.

Which leads me to today. Since I didn’t get in my miles I did a two a day of Easy 8s. One in the hood in the morning and one on the treadmill at night due to a storm that came through. It felt good to get some miles in after last nights’ debacle.

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