2010 Evergreen Lake – 5K – 20:03

This morning we got up early so I could run the Evergreen Lake 5K. When we got to the lake area we saw a bunch of wild turkey! We had time to spare so Rob got a few pictures of them.

It was a nice mild morning that quickly warmed up and got humid. I did a 2 Mile Warm Up and got ready to go. This was the first time for me where a race director looked at the men and me and said “you know the course right?”. Ummm yea, kind of, but common guys one of you is going to lead us right?

Luckily there were two and eventually three guys who took us the first mile, whew! Like I need that kind of pressure in a race. As we take off I had my 1 Mile and 2 Mile goals, but my excitement got the best of me and I went out too fast. I was just so nervous and excited that I couldn’t help but take off.

A young cross-country girl (light blue shorts in above picture) catches me about .75 Mile and she is working hard too. I actually enjoyed staying on her heels and knew I could get her in a bit. We made the turn around and got to 1.5 Mile and I pass her and she was no factor. Everyone racing was super nice and was saying “good job, go girl, go Christine” and that just pumps me more. I press onward, but then a friend and another person mention as I go that I have girls on my heels. Then up comes another young girl at Mile 2 passing me with what appears to be an easy effort. She gets ahead of me enough that I know I probably won’t catch her. I can only hope she has misestimated her own effort. No such luck, she comes in about 20 seconds in front of me. While at the last .2-ish Merlin, a fellow ORRT member and local running legend passes me with his fast kick. I grunt at him to say “crap, I thought I finally had you!” 🙂 Hehehehe.

Merlin (red shirt in above picture) is a great runner and he and I usually chat post race of the location to where he catches me. This time we both noted that it’s getting late in the race for him to find me. One day….one day. 🙂

I ran my cool down with a fellow fastie and we chatted up some good hill locations since my latest experiences have been quite ghetto-fabulous. I’m looking forward to getting some new hill options locked down.

So in the end 2nd Female, 1st Age Group. Not too shabby while I’m in marathon training. I’m proud to be able to keep my speed intact while working on my other training. I left this race feeling accomplished and ready for more.



F: 2/?

F 30-34: 1/13

Overall: 8/127

Rob was a great support crew and took all the pictures. 🙂 We then hit up a local vegetarian/vegan restaurant and had the most amazing whole wheat blueberry pancakes. Doesn’t get any better! 🙂

9 thoughts on “2010 Evergreen Lake – 5K – 20:03

  1. Awesome, awesome race! I absolutely LOVE your pictures. You look just like a serious racer out there! Sorry I’ve been so MIA from your blog. I’ve been busy w/ school. I am glad to read that everything is going well for you!


  2. Hey Rebecca! No worries, I’ve been playing catch up as well on blogs. I’m glad you think I look serious, I need some serious strength training! I hope you and the kids have a great back to school! 🙂 I also hope your dad is doing well!


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