I have a running annoucement….I’m adding to my training arsenal by receiving training plans from Coach Greg McMillan and one of his elite team members Andrew Lemoncello. I signed up for a year-long worth of training and unlimited email/phone consultation. My plan begins tomorrow! This will be different from other plans I have done as it is time based training (goal times instead of miles). I will keep you posted with how it all goes.

This week of running has been a bit random. I like when my days go a little more according to plan, but unfortunately my body was tuckered and I accidentally slept all Thursday night which ended up making it a rest day.

Friday was supposed to be 10 Miles with 6 @ LT and I just couldn’t hang. LT is something that has been hard for me to sustain on the roads in a non-race setting. I did my 2 Mile Warm up and accidentally included that time in my 3 Miles of attempted LT. 5 Miles – 2 Up, 3 @ attempted LT (‘Hood, 39:01, 7:49 Pace) I then did my cool down with our friend Lance when I ran into him in the ‘hood. 2.17 Cool Down (‘Hood, 19:32, 9:01 Pace). I definitely need to get to where I can get 3 Miles at LT before building additional mileage.

That evening I did another run on the treadmill because a thunderstorm came through. 8 Easy (Treadmill, 1% Incline, 1:02:38, 7:08 Pace)

 Saturday Ritter came over and ran easy with me 3.25 Easy (‘Hood, 29:47, 9:10 Pace), then later that afternoon I did some upper body weights and core work. Then for my evening run I did 4 Easy (‘Hood, 35:29, 8:53 Pace) follow by pick ups, 6 x 50s and form drills – 2 Sets of High Knees, Quick Feet, Lateral Running, Butt Kicks.

Sunday was race day, which included: 1.99 Warm Up (Danvers, 19:15, 9:41 Pace), 5K Race (Danvers, 19:50, 6:24 Pace), .99 Cool Down (10:21)

Later this evening I did 3.36 Easy (‘Hood, 31:48, 9:28 Pace).

Total Miles: 49.9

6 thoughts on “Arsenal

  1. VERY cool about McMillan. I can’t wait to see how this works out for you. Sorry I’ve been so MIA to your blog. I need to go back and “catch up.” Hope all is going well!


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