August 2010 Stats

I’m behind in blogging, not because I’m too busy to write, but actually I’ve been in a funk for multiple days. I couldn’t shake it or put my finger on it. I’m fine with a bad day, but this funk wouldn’t go away. My training suffered some from that with me struggling to just get going. I’m getting in miles, but I’m not my usual self, excited for my next run.

I do have one cool item that’s over due, I hit a new monthly record in mileage for August!

252.8 Miles

I think that’s 30 miles more than I had in my past record. I also know that there was much more quality workout in those miles and I can say I don’t notice my body giving any signs of fatigue.

I am happy to report that my funky fog lifted yesterday….post to come. 😀

One thought on “August 2010 Stats

  1. maybe its because you’ve been running insane mileage and your getting burnt out a little?? 🙂 252 miles is CRAZY awesome!!! Either way, i’m glad your funk is gone! 🙂 Hope all is well!


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